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Wednesday , 10 April 2024

Innovative Road Safety Solutions

A leader in Road safety solutions, the Tamil Nadu based Hariway Lines Pvt Limited is a provider of intelligent and indigenous solutions for traffic safety and security. Vijay Kumar, General Manager, talks to Trafficinfratech.

Over Hariway Lines is into Road safety solutions. Your main product is crash barriers. What are the features of these?

We are offering two types of Barriers: W-Beam Metal Crash Barrier and Safety Roller Barrier System. Safety Roller Barrier system is extremely durable. The barrels can get a lot of blows before it breaks and the steel frame is also highly durable as long as it does not get a severe impact that deforms it to a great extent. However, if it gets a huge impact and part of the system gets deformed greatly, it is quite easy to replace the broken parts because of the modular system.

Safety Roller barrier has more serviceable life than normal W-beam metal crash barriers. Implementation of Safety Roller Barrier improves road safety and protects lives. It is also cost effective in the long run.

The W beam guardrail undergoes a permanent damage in the event of a collision with a vehicle and it must be replaced immediately. Not replacing will pose threat to road safety.

Roller barriers are yet to catch up in India. How are you planning to enter this market? You have installed this in Tamil Nadu already.

We have installed on Ooty – Kalhati Ghat Road in Tamil Nadu as a pilot project. Response has been great and encouraging. We have made plans to go pan India.

As we all know that road safety is a major focus area and in current situation, all the stakeholders are looking for solutions which can bring down the number of accidents on Indian Roads. We, as one of the pioneers in the field of road safety from past 25 years, had developed this state-of-the-art roller crash barrier in India. The initial results are quite encouraging. This is a proven solution worldwide and we are very sure that the product will enhance road safety to great extent.


Hariway Lines is also expanding to road furniture catering to safety and traveller convenience. Can you elaborate?

Road furniture means all fixtures on the road and within the road reserve that are intended to provide information or safety to a road user. The products we are catering to are Sign Posts, Traffic Signs, Guardrails, Safety Roller Barrier, Gantry Boards, Cantilever Boards, Marker Posts, Reflectors and Studs & Centre-line pads (cat’s eyes). We are focusing to become one stop solution for all safety needs required to make our Indian road safer and convenient for the users.

Where is your manufacturing facility? What have been the challenges in putting in the market fully ‘Make in India’ solution?

Our manufacturing facility is located in Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu. We are taking various initiatives to create awareness about our newly launched products among various stakeholders by conducting demos, exhibitions and seminars across the country.

Main solutions you will be showcasing at the Trafficinfratech expo in October in Delhi?

In display at the expo would be our various range of Barriers. Rest of the products will be virtually displayed on LED monitor to bring awareness to our customers.

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