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Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Revolutionizing urban traffic management and transportation


“We empower businesses across various sectors to embark on a digital transformation journey”, says Brahmeshwar Carpenter and Abhinav Agrawal, Founders of Futops Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

Futops Technologies offers digital solutions and services to various segments. What are the solutions and services for the traffic sector?

For the Traffic sector we are thrilled to be launching ‘Futops Traffic System’ after contributing for numerous successful smart traffic applications in Highways of Japan. Loaded with a comprehensive range of features, FTS offers advanced solutions to address multitude of traffic-related challenges, delivering real-time insights, enhancing safety, efficiency, and data collection capabilities. It utilizes our state of the art Video Analytics Platform to accelerate the development and scalability requirements. Applications include:

  • Traffic Jam Detection
  • Stopped Vehicle Detection
  • Low Speed/Over Speed Detection
  • Opposite Direction Movement Detection
  • Parking Violation Detection
  • No-Entry Vehicle Detection
  • Debris Detection
  • Landslide Detection
  • Route Deviation Detection
  • Traffic Pulse Monitoring
  • Vehicle Identity Solutions

You may also like to elaborate on the application of your Product to the mobility sector.

Futops Traffic System can be integrated with a wide range of cameras. It can take video feed from existing CCTV systems and perform analytics on live feed being broadcasted from the cameras. The system can store historical data which can be used for data driven decision making and efficient transportation planning.

The impact of Futops Traffic System on the industry can be seen through a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures such as reduced congestion, improved traffic flow, decreased accident rates, and lower fuel consumption. It becomes evident that these systems have a tangible and positive influence. They not only enhance road safety but also lead to economic benefits including increased productivity and reduced operational costs for businesses.

The wide range of benefits are: Traffic Flow Optimization; Road Safety; Accident Prevention; Reduced Congestion; Effective Enforcement of rules and regulations; Evidence Capture; Environmental Benefits; Increased Security; Emergency Response; Reduced Stress; Data-Driven Decision-Making; Effective Transportation Planning and Real Time updates and generate alerts.

Talking about your company and market penetration…

Established in 2019, Futops Technologies India Pvt Ltd stands as a formidable force in the realm of cutting-edge technology. From the outset, we forged strategic partnerships with our clients in Japan, and today, our influence extends far beyond borders, serving clients not just in Japan but countries across the globe.

Our notable achievement is the creation of a highly scalable Computer Vision platform specialized in Edge and Cloud Computing for AI/ML workloads. This remarkable innovation has found its application across multiple sectors already in Japan. “Futops Traffic System” is our latest flagship product to conquer Indian Highways. The company harnesses the unparalleled power of experience-driven design, cutting-edge engineering, and cloud technology to craft revolutionary web and mobile applications that drive digital transformation across industries.

Our core strength lies in the adept utilization of diverse open-source technologies. We not only leverage open source software components and communities, but also give back to these communities to foster wider adoption of our innovations.

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