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Monday , 8 April 2024

Growing demand for surveillance solutions

Sparsh is a leading Indian brand of CCTV cameras and electronic security solutions in India. Over the last two decades it has redefined Indian electronic security manufacturing in India. Sanjeev Sehgal, MD & Founder, Sparsh Securitech gives details of the Solutions offered.

Sparsh has been developing a complete range of Video surveillance products for many years. How has the market for CCTV cameras in the Transport /Traffic sector evolved?

Transport/traffic sector plays a critical role in our society with the movement of people and goods all over the world. Keeping the goods moving smoothly and enabling people to move around securely is key for any economy to flourish and peaceful functioning of our society. Surveillance needs have increased over the years as global trade and the people movement has grown. With advancements in technology, these needs can now be met.

Sparsh offers comprehensive solutions including cameras with higher resolution, wider coverage, 5G support, solar powered cameras, remote monitoring, real-time alerts & analytics, and advanced AI capabilities like traffic monitoring, speed checks, and number plate reading to meet the unique needs of transport/traffic sector.

What have been the security market drivers?

Several factors have driven the growth and evolution of the security market:

Security concerns: Increasing security threats, such as cyberattacks, terrorism, and crime, have necessitated the adoption of advanced security measures and surveillance systems.

Technological Advancements: The rapid development of technology, including AI, IoT, IP cameras, and cloud computing, has enabled the creation of more sophisticated and integrated security solutions.

Smart Cities: The concept of smart cities has driven the incorporation of advanced security technologies to create safer and more efficient urban environments.

Infrastructure investments & Urbanization: Surging infrastructure investments and growth of urban areas has led to higher demand for security solutions in both public and private spaces to ensure safety and prevent crime.

Regulatory Compliance: Stricter regulations and compliance requirements in various industries have compelled organizations to invest in robust security systems to safeguard data and assets. Data Privacy Concerns: Heightened concerns about data privacy have pushed organizations to implement better security measures to protect sensitive information.

Integration of IoT in surveillance cameras: The ability to monitor and manage security systems remotely has become crucial, driving the adoption of smart and connected security solutions.

Integration of Services: The trend toward integrated security solutions that combine various technologies (such as video surveillance, access control, and alarms) into a single platform has gained momentum.

Increased Awareness: Greater awareness about the benefits of security systems among individuals and businesses has led to higher adoption rates.

Insurance Industry: Insurance companies often require policyholders to implement specific security measures, leading to increased adoption of security solutions.

Adoption of body-worn cameras: The increased use of body-worn cameras in industries like law enforcement, and healthcare have driven the need for video surveillance.

You have a presence in more than 10 countries. What are the main features of your systems?

With 2 in-house manufacturing units, Sparsh embodies the vision of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” by indigenously manufacturing both software and hardware. Approximately 7% of its annual revenue is dedicated to Research and Development (R&D), making it home to the largest in-house R&D Centre for CCTV solutions in India.

Sparsh’s product offerings include:

CCTV Cameras:

–     Analog and IP Options: From traditional analog to advanced IP cameras.

–     WiFi and 4G/5G enabled.

–     High-Resolution Imaging: Clear and detailed video quality.

–     Night Vision: Capabilities for effective monitoring in low-light conditions.

–     Weather Resistance: Designed to withstand various weather conditions.

–     Advanced Analytics: Enhanced functionalities like motion detection, facial recognition, and more.

–     Real-time Monitoring: Provides continuous surveillance for residential and commercial use.

VMS and Video Analytics:

–     Seamless Integration: Efficiently manage multiple cameras from a central point.

–     Live and Recorded Feeds: Access real-time and recorded video streams.

–     Camera Settings: Easily configure camera parameters.

–     Intelligent Analytics: Automated event detection, people counting, facial recognition, human detection, auto tracking, motion detection etc.

–     Enhanced Situational Awareness: Tools to optimize security operations.

Remote Video Surveillance and Monitoring:

–     Anywhere Access: Live video feeds accessible from mobile apps and web platforms.

–     Real-time Alerts: Receive notifications for immediate action.

–     Proactive Security: Enables constant monitoring and timely responses.

–     Ideal for Various Users: Business owners, homeowners, and security personnel benefit from on-the-go access.


–     Mounting Brackets: Secure installation options for cameras.

–     IR Illuminator

–     Emergency Call Box – ECB

–     Network Switches

–     Power Supplies: Reliable sources of power for uninterrupted operation.

–     Cables and Connectors: Ensures seamless connectivity within the system.

–     Complementary Additions: Enhances the functionality of electronic security products.

What are the operational challenges and what are the areas where your data is used?

Some of the key operational challenges include data loss, lack of power, lack of wired connectivity or monitoring, false alarms, lack of access to all cameras, poor installation, lack of maintenance, compatibility issues and vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

To overcome these challenges, we have developed products that allow recording without a network, onboard memory, rely on solar panels for power, remote monitoring, easy installation, and AI capabilities for advanced video surveillance applications.

Areas of Data Usage:

–     Security: Surveillance data is used to monitor and respond to security breaches, unauthorized access, and suspicious activities.

–     Traffic Management: In the transport/traffic sector, data is used for monitoring traffic flow, detecting accidents, and optimizing routes.

–     Public Safety: Surveillance systems contribute to public safety by monitoring public spaces and events for potential threats.

–     Retail Analytics: Data from cameras can be used to analyze customer behavior and improve store layouts.

–     Industrial Monitoring: Surveillance is utilized to monitor industrial processes, ensuring safety and efficiency.

–     Emergency Response: Surveillance data aids emergency responders by providing real-time information during crises.

–     Forensics: Surveillance data can be valuable for post-incident analysis and investigations.

–     Smart City Initiatives: Surveillance data contributes to various aspects of smart city planning, including traffic management and environmental monitoring.

Solutions that will be showcased at the 2023 TrafficInfratech Expo.

 The solutions include: Face Recognition Torch Camera; Automatic number-plate recognition – ANPR; Street light camera; Emergency Call Box; 5G Cameras; Video Incident Detection System (VIDS); Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS); Advanced Traffic Management System – ATMS; Smart Artificial Intelligence; Face Recognition; Safe City; Bus Surveillance; Loco Surveillance; Tram Coach Surveillance; Speed Detection; Cyber Secured Cameras and many more…

 Some of recent important installations

Bangalore Safe City; Delhi Mumbai Express Way; Delhi EV Buses; Devanagari smart city; Delhi District Surveillance; Trans Haryana NH-152D; Bundelkhand Express Way; EMU Train – Western Railways; Vande Bharat; Loco Driver Behavior Analytics (Northern Railways); Orrisa’s police stations; Bihar’s police stations and Haryana’s Police station

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