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Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Revolutionising Indian Highways

KENT Intelligent Transportation Systems (India) Pvt Ltd has been bringing innovation to the forefront with its Advanced Traffic Management System, Automated Toll Collection System, and Parking Management system. Sandeep Pawar, MD & CEO, Kent ITS (I) Pvt. Ltd. brings to focus the Company’s contribution in these areas.

Kent’s prime offerings

The Company offers a centralized management system that provides real-time monitoring of toll collection operations. With a customer support team working 24X7 our system facilitates immediate issue resolution, fraud prevention, and data-driven decision-making for toll plaza operators.

Our enhanced security system incorporates state-of-the-art security measures, including Automatic Vehicle Classifiers and software mechanisms, to deter toll evasion and ensure the integrity of the toll collection process.

Project for

Samruddhi Mahamarg

This is a major infrastructure project with a total length of approximately 701 kilometers (435 miles) in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This ambitious project aims to create a high-speed, access-controlled, and greenfield expressway connecting the state capital Mumbai to Nagpur. The project is significant for Maharashtra’s infrastructure development and is expected to have a positive impact on the state’s economy and connectivity.

As the project was confronted with an Entry/Exit toll System & a Toll fare system of “Charge as you travel” it was the necessity to comply these requirements identifying all the entries & exits on the Highway. KENT has developed a Cloud based Integrated system where all the entries and exits are paired for records & sent to the Bank for the Toll Fare deductions. This customised solution is equivalent to the Master System Integrator concept and is in operation since December 2022.

Technology to enhance efficiency at toll plazas

Recognizing the challenges faced by commuters and toll operators alike, the company set out to develop solutions that would simplify the process while enhancing revenue collection and security. In line with this KENT has introduced TL Booster to perform Vehicle Queue Management smoothly. It is designed to use at Toll Plazas for vehicle detection, tailgating vehicle separation and to identify vehicle directions to perform toll operation quickly and seamlessly. The TL Booster incorporates a Laser Technology and is intended to handle high speed vehicle traffic. The product is in operation at the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link Toll Plaza and has increased the efficiency of the plaza by almost three times. The TL Booster has reduced the carbon footprint for the country and saved the precious time of the commuters. It also helps to reduce installation and maintenance overheads.

With the innovative Automatic Toll Management System, Kent ITS has not only improved the efficiency of toll plazas but also enhanced the overall travel experience for millions of commuters. As India continues to invest in its infrastructure, the Company has proved how technology can be leveraged to bring positive change to the nation’s highways. With multiple projects in hand, Kent ITS is looking ahead for entering the Global market with our expertise and best business strategies.

Trafficinfratech Expo

We always find Trafficinfratech Expo, a powerful marketing and promotional platform to showcase our offerings, get engaged with potential customers, and create our brand awareness. This year we are showcasing our one stop novel solutions for the Advance Toll Management Systems along with our improvised Automatic Vehicle Classifiers & our new invention product TL Booster (Patent Applied).

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