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Wednesday , 12 June 2024

Mono rail

A SIMPLE WAY TO IMPROVE Public Transport usage

The city centres are the most frequented origins and destinations in the region, generating a high number of passenger trips. Auckland does not generate sufficient passenger numbers using public transport to provide significant relief to the road network. Large expenditure on public transport services and infrastructure is not justified. A broad range of public transport optimisation initiatives is required for ...

Fuel Efficiency Training & Management

The adoption of eco-driver training, in conjunction with smart monitoring technologies and a proper incentives system, can be a potent combination of actions to address the fuel-economy and emissions issue for any agency’s urban fleet of buses writes Prashanth Kumar Bachu, Manager – Urban Transport at Embarq WRI India and Pawan Mulukutla, Manager –Urban Transport at Embarq India. Managing a ...

Intelligent Communication Technology (ICT) for improving Public Transport Integration

The bus transport reform in Seoul came together at many levels including the establishment of a new institutional and regulatory framework, the restructuring of operation and management of bus services, and the alignment of the investment programs to environmental concerns while ensuring greater quality of services for consumers. Seoul’s Transportation Overview In the early 1950s Seoul began to reform its ...

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Transport Projects

Public transport projects are often delayed or put on hold for a variety of reasons ? reasons that are often not based on the real problems of the project. Ranjit Gadgil, Programme Director of Pune-based Parisar, takes a look at Cost Benefit Analysis, a tool for evaluating transportation projects.

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) – A new form of Urban Transport

Personal Rapid Transit is a new light urban transport system based on small, automated, electric, driverless vehicles travelling on segregated guide ways. PRT is now becoming an accepted form of public transport to complement other modes in cities across Asia ? providing stand-alone systems and first mile, last mile connectivity. The world?s first operational system, at London Heathrow has proved a major success. The system is in operation in USA, UAE and South Korea as well.

TrafficInfraTech Expo: Seminar: May 18, 2012

The Day 2 seminar of TrafficInfraTech Expo 2012 was on ‘Challenges in making the operations of State Road Transport Undertakings efficient: Policy, Management & Technologies’. A report.

Promoting Cycling in Cities

Transport planners around the world have now more or less come to the conclusion that in order to address the issues that plague cities – congestion, pollution, road accidents, loss of open spaces/green cover – it is essential that sustainable modes – walking, cycling and public transport – be actively promoted. Growth of personal motorised vehicles namely, two-wheelers and cars, ...

Thiruvananthapuram Gets Monorail Corridor

Monorail, mooted for Kerala’s capital city, is expected to reduce dependence on personalised modes of transport and to take 40% of the present vehicular traffic off the road

Public Transport Projects How to build the infrastructure facilities

Safety of construction crew and general public is important at the work sites of public transport projects. Since these are often mega projects, detailed planning is as important as effecting implementation of safety norms.  A few examples of the US states show how such planning helps. Since transportation is the bloodline of every economy, it is necessary to build roads, ...