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Wednesday , 21 February 2024


The Pune Metro is Here!

Just a few years ago, there was a raging debate against the Metro, as it was felt by many, that it may be an unnecessary expense for a city. Particularly, it was felt that the city should first establish a good bus service, after which higher order transportation solutions can be invested in. But the unprecedented rate of growth of ...

Easing out traffic the easier way

The traffic jams happen due to various type of transportation like cycle rickshaws, e-rickshaws, autos, grameen tempos and buses. Besides, goods transport vehicles like cycle rikshaws, tempos and mini trucks etc. And parking of vehicles on roads adds to chaos. On such congested roads, the only way out is to provide Mono rails on central verge of roads. It will ...

Serco Operations and Maintenance of Metro Rail

The rapidly growing metro market in India has brought in focus the various aspects of a typical metro rail project, one of the most significant areas being Operations & Maintenance (O&M). It is interesting that the metro rail market realises the importance of this critical infrastructure and is actively pursuing budgets for O&M for asset longevity, a novel concept in ...

What ails Karnataka transport

In an exclusive to TrafficInfraTech Prof MN Sreehari, Advisor to the government of Karnataka on transportation, writes on the wrong policies and bad implementation of transport infrastructure projects in Karnataka in general, and Bangalore in particular In an exclusive to TrafficInfraTech Prof MN Sreehari, Advisor to the government of Karnataka on transportation, writes on the wrong policies and bad implementation ...

Mumbai on the move

While the various nodal agencies – MMRDA, MSRDC and MCGM – responsible to keep the metropolis on the move have tried their best (in varying and debatable proficiencies) to do exactly that – keep Mumbai moving – by undertaking and commissioning various new projects, the city’s travel woes haven’t eased much. But then, its commuting habits seem set to change now. In fact, they have changed to quite an extent. Only, the city bursting at its seams does not appear to be displaying these changes with the needed fervor. A look by Vidyottama Sharma at some of the projects that changed our daily travelling habits and those that are set to do so in the near future.

Reshaping the roofs to provide More free space at Railway Stations

If the Union Ministry of railways accepts a proposal by Rajya Sabha MP Javed Akhtar and noted architect and civic activist P K Das, the sloping roofs of railway stations could give way to modern and user-friendly lounges, better planned access & exit points and a well laid out conveniences area

SunRail back on track in Florida

Governor Rick Scott’s refusal to bear the expenses had stalled Florida’s most ambitious rail project, Sun Rail. In July this year, the governor gave his green signal and put the derailed project back on track.

Indian Railways shops for technology

Indian Railways is upgrading its technology in use on Western and Central lines in Mumbai. Converting from direct current to alternating current, improving the speed of trains, increasing the life of trains by 10 years, and restricting power consumption are some of the steps being taken.

Interchange Metro Stations

In an extensive study carried out to find solutions to ease traffic congestion in Delhi for the Government of India, Dr SS Jain & Dr M Parida of IIT Roorkee and Ravi Kiran Rao Aluri of DIMMTS discover that for effective multimodal transport operations, it is necessary to have requirement for interchanges at Metro Stations.

Bangalore Metro Faster, Safer and Eficient?

Namma Metro, to be inaugurated soon, is expected to take about 8.2 lakh vechiles off the city's roads every day. Mainly an elevated service, a strech of 8.22km will be underground