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Tuesday , 9 April 2024

Innovating new solutions for Toll & ATMS segments

LogicMo Systems Private Limited is a leader in the TCMS and ITMS space. Harish Shukla, CMO, tells Trafficinfratech that the company strives to offer cutting edge solutions to its clients.

What are the latest innovations/ improvements brought into your offerings?

Our solutions include

  1. “Quick Flow Systems” (QFS) for rapid through-put of vehicles at toll plazas,
  2. “TRUCLAS” an AI/ML based vehicle counter classifier for achieving high levels of accuracy,
  3. “Master System Integrator Module” (MSI) helps in seamless integration of ETC across all platforms, and
  4. “SLOT” our Parking management solution helps noncash payments through FASTag integration at Parking hubs.

Data security is an inherent feature of LogicMo Systems, the ISO 27001-2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications are testimony to the same.

Tolling technologies and systems are changing rapidly, how is LogicMo geared for the changes?

The Indian Electronic Toll Collection industry is growing rapidly and requires reliable ETC systems to offer seamless and convenient toll payment experiences along with Contactless & Cashless trends, Data Analytics, and Insights for AI/ML usage.

LogicMo Systems offers its new generation products like ANPR, QFS, TRUCLAS and MSI.

Accuracy is very crucial in tolling; especially in WIM.

WIM plays a very critical role in Weigh Enforcement, primarily to check the overload which eventually leads to the damage of road infrastructure. LogicMo offers advance and robust Bending Plate Technology, along with highly accurate Data Logger, which is suitable for Indian conditions.

What are the new solutions to be showcased at the forthcoming Trafficinfratech Expo in October in Delhi?

The QFS solution from LogicMo Systems, caters to the need of rapid through-put of vehicles at toll plazas under current ETC scenario.

In the complex Indian conditions, our ANPR technology compliments the upcoming free flow requirement.

With our TRUCLAS – AI/ML AVCC, the concessionaire has an advanced solution for collecting the correct amount of toll by mapping the appropriate class of vehicle and also provides authentic auditable data.

With our Command Control Centre software and solutions like VIDS, VSDS, etc, we cater to the ATMS sector in India.

We are proud to announce our foray in the Parking segment, with successful deployment of our SLOT- FASTag Integrated Parking Management.

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