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Saturday , 18 May 2024

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Innovative Road Safety Solutions

A leader in Road safety solutions, the Tamil Nadu based Hariway Lines Pvt Limited is a provider of intelligent and indigenous solutions for traffic safety and security. Vijay Kumar, General Manager, talks to Trafficinfratech. Over Hariway Lines is into Road safety solutions. Your main product is crash barriers. What are the features of these? We are offering two types of ...

Sand-filled Interlocking Barricades

Aerodynamically designed with vents for air passage to withstand strong wind pressure. Parabolic design prevents accidents. Two holes provided on the top for filling sand. Two rectangular slots at the bottom for use with forklift to lift the barricade. Also has provision for affixing display signs/ stickers at extra cost.   ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Cosmic Rubber Rumbler Made of specially compounded reinforced ...

Traffic Signs

All types of modular, changeable, foldable and adjustable signs such as traffic signs, indoor-outdoor architectural sign systems, backlit signs, direction sign boards and LED signs & displays. Banner stands, a folding portable backdrop with a unique design and exhibition displays also available.


Road Security Guards Design, manufacture and installation of Crash tested road security guard rails according with EN 1317. Design, manufacture and installation of steel corrugated culverts and pipes.

Metalmeccanica Fracasso India Pvt Ltd

Noise Barriers Also called Acoustic Barriers. Conform to the requirements of advanced European standards EN 1793 & 1794. Design derived from acoustic mapping and design study, a pre-requisite for an effective noise abatement solution. Effectiveness of noise barrier reflected in the IL (Insertion Loss) which represents the reduction of noise.   ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Metal Crash Barriers Made as per standards set ...

B D Industries

Metro Barricade Plastic barricade of 6ft x 6ft widely used in structuring wall-like barricading on the road. Made of plastic, overcomes all problems of a conventional steel barricade such as immovability, maintenance, severe damage in case of accidents and traffic jams while shifting. Water filled barricade meets all the required specifications and provides excellent safety.

Dark Eye

Portable Barricade Made from superior quality HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene). Two circular, highly reflective 100mm diameter tape stickers pasted to give best reflectivity during night. Lightweight and dynamically designed. Available in different colours as per requirement. Can be filled with water at its base level. Can be installed in straight or curved shape as per requirement. UV stabilised for ...

Avery Dennison

V-9700 Conspicuity Tape Designed for school buses, farm equipment and other slow moving vehicles. Composed of a single layer construction that does not require edge sealing. Approval markings are sub-surface printed; markings do not wear from regular abrasion or cleaning, ensuring compliance with vehicle inspection. Meets industry standards such as ASTM, FMVSS, NTSP and ANSI/ASAE. Available in white, yellow and ...