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Saturday , 20 July 2024

Indra’s integrated tunnel control system in chennai-nashri tunnel

The recently opened Chenani – Nashri Tunnel on the Jammu- Srinagar National Highway is the longest in Southeast Asia. The tunnel has been developed, built and operated by IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd. It has highly advanced tunneling technology and is to be the safest and most secure tunnel in Asia with smart features such as an integrated traffic control system, surveillance, ventilation and broadcast systems, firefighting system, and SOS call-boxes at every 150 meters. The tunnel deploys the latest integrated tunnel control system developed by Indra Sistemas S.A., a leading global technology company headquartered in Spain. At the core of the Integrated Tunnel Control System is Indra’s proprietary Horus software which controls all the sub systems- Traffic Control System, Emergency Call System, Video Surveillance System, Electrical Fire Signaling System, Access Control System, Tunnel Ventilation System, Power Supply System, Communication System, Fire Fighting System, and the Tunnel and Roadway Variable Message System. Indra has implemented similar Integrated Tunnel Control System in more than twelve road tunnels worldwide.

Indra has recently been awarded a contract from the Delhi Metro to implement automatic fare collection and ticketing technology on 14 new stations on the Delhi- Noida metro line. Indra has already implemented it’s ticketing technology on Delhi’s Metro (Airport Metro line), Mumbai’s first and only subway line, Mumbai monorail (India’s first ever monorail) and Kolkata metro. In the pipeline are Navi Mumbai subway line and Kolkata new subway. In air traffic and transport, Indra’s deployed radars and Air Traffic Management Systems control over 80% of the Indian airspace, while 39 airports use its ATC systems. Indra has also been entrusted with modernisation of Delhi’s air traffic control center, at the Indra Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3, one of the most important terminals in the country.

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