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Saturday , 20 July 2024

Solar-power vehicle by NIT students

A group of students of National Institute of Technology have built a solar electric hybrid vehicle with innovative tags. The vehicle, weighing 111kgs, includes a seat belt sensor device and temperature sensor water sprinkler. A team of 25 prospective engineers built the light vehicle over three months. It can run on both, solar power as well as electricity, at an expected speed of 45kmph. It comes with a GPS tracking system and a GSM camera that is attached to the car.

The best feature of the vehicle is that unless the driver wears his/ her seat belt, it will not run. It comes installed with a parking efficiency sensor to keep the driver informed about the distance of the nearest vehicle. In case the outside temperature increases beyond 70°Celsius, the speed efficiency of the vehicle will be kept under check. An inbuilt automotive temperature sensor water sprinkler keeps the source panels cool and hence, the temperature under check.

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