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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Help from Lumiplan to TSRTC

The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation has entered into an agreement with Lumiplan for implementing a smart transport system. Under the agreement, the French company will now install GPS tracking and advanced on-board electronic equipment in the RTC buses. This will enable the sending of messages via SMS to passengers regarding real-time information about buses, and also help monitor the operations by the Corporation.

The technology will help TSRTC passenger information systems through solar LED display boards, multimodal smartphone app and multimedia screens at the bus stations. The French government is giving a grant of Rs 20Cr for the pilot project. Lumiplan will maintain all the necessary infrastructure facilities that will be provided at the depots and central locations.

The Corporation will assign a team of five people, including a project manager, from the traffic department to visit the sites like the depots and bus stations during the time the pilot project is operational. About 40 vehicles will be provided with the electronic equipment in a three-phase project which is to be completed in nine months.

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