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Sunday , 21 April 2024

Safe Mobility by Vodafone India and SaveLIFE Foundation

A report on study on ‘Safety in Mobility’ was recently released in Delhi by SaveLife Foundation and Vodafone India Ltd. The report titled ‘Distracted Driving in India: A Study on Mobile Phone Usage, Pattern and Behavior’, gives some shocking facts.

The first-of-its-kind survey shows that though 94% people acknowledge that they use mobile phones while driving is dangerous, 47% admit to receiving calls while driving. A total of 1749 respondents in eight cities were asked questions by international research agency Kantar Public. People covered were drivers of two-wheelers, three wheelers, four-wheelers and trucks & buses. According to the survey, 34% respondents agreed they apply sudden brakes when they talk on the phone while driving. 20% admit that they have had near-miss situations or have experienced road crash due to using mobile phones while driving. 96% people feel unsafe as passengers if the driver was using mobile phone while driving.

A mobile App, ‘Road Safe’, too has been developed by Vodafone-SaveLIFE Foundation.

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