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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

MoRTH invites bids again for electric cars for its officers

The Ministry for Road Transport and Highways has invited online bids again for hiring electric cars for its officers. As against its tender last year which asked for electric cars that could run at least 150km at a stretch, the latest tender asks for those that can run for 100km at a stretch. If the Ministry decides to give an extension to the winning bidder, it has offered a 5% increase in the rates. Last year’s lease was for a period of one year.

The conditions include that the awardee must be able to send the car to MoRTH within 12 hours from the time of order. Failure in this case would amount to forfeiting of the Earnest Money Deposit, foregoing the right to payment of pending bills and cancellation of the order. The ministry also reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of cars to be hired by the ministry on any particular day and month without any prior notice during the tender period.

The NDA government has a target of selling six million EVs by 2020.

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