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Thursday , 18 April 2024

DM India Complete Road Reflective material

Daoming Reflective Material India Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of reflective material in Asia–reflective sheeting, reflective fabrics, photo luminescent films and vehicle safety reflectors.

DM specialises in five broad segments:

  • Traffic Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Vehicle Safety
  • High Security Number Plate Solutions (HSRP)
  • Marine Safety

The company offers products with highest standards of quality, safety, application-friendly and environmental compatibility to its customers.

The offerings include high intensity prismatic grade Reflective sheeting Vehicle Marking tapes, Reflective fabric, Reflective heat transfer film, fire retardant tape, safety vest, etc.

DM full-cube reflective sheeting

As a pioneer in the field of reflective materials, DM has actively invested in the research, development and production of reflective materials. In 2021, after more than 10 years of accumulated experience in technology research and development, DM successfully developed the full-cube reflective sheeting and realized mass production. DM full-cube reflective sheeting provides higher reflectivity and a more cost-effective production solution and exceeds all requirements of ASTM D4956 for Type XI Sheeting.

Fig: Full Cube Pattern of Type XI sheeting: DM full-cube prisms are 100% efficient-returning approximately 60% of available light back to the driver compared to only 40% with most other prismatic sheeting products.


  • Unparalleled Efficiency and Improved Retro-Reflectivity.
  • Directional Performance produced using multiple tiles of prisms arranged to provide uniform reflectivity. Reflective sheeting that satisfies the widest range of performance goals including
  1. Superior visual performance improves safety for all highway users.
  2. Predictable and uniform sign performance.
  • Better Visibility at All Observation Angles to Benefit Drivers

Reflective sheeting Type XI, Type IV & Type I complying to IRC:67 2012 specifications laid down by Indian Road Congress as well as MORTH specification.

DM7690 Reflective Luminous Film

This is a new production developed by DM combining the characters of reflective sheeting and luminous film. It can be reflective when light falls on the film and also as glow in the dark by itself. DM7690 provide full-time security in the dark for both pedestrian as well as motorist.

DM India is also actively working towards Make in India products- Road Furniture like RPMs (Raised pavement Markers), Reflective Delineators, Solar Road Studs, Solar Blinkers, Solar Chevrons conforms specifications of ASTM D 4956, EN 12900, & IRC 67:2012 etc. The company is working with agencies like NHAI, State Road Development Authorities, Rural Roads, Municipal Corporations, Military Engineer Services, Railways, Irrigation and Tourism departments.

DM Reflective thanks all the supporters and the readers and believes in innovation that adds value to life.

May we all have a journey worth remembering and Cheers to all the journeys in future, Travel safe and happy journey.

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