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Saturday , 20 April 2024

Dky Sales PVT LTD – Metal Crash barriers


Metal Crash barriers are basically Road safety systems which prevents vehicles from colliding with

Obstacles such as boulders, walls, buildings and also prevents vehicles entering into large storm

Drains, steep slopes or deep water. At DKY Galvanizors, we are dedicated to fulfilling all your Crash Barrier and Hot Dip Galvanizing needs by continuously developing a comprehensive range of products, including spares and anchorage systems. Our facilities are equipped to manufacture Conventional, Customized and Crash Tested ‘W Beam’ and ‘Thrie Beam’ type Crash Barriers, complete with spacers and posts, all treated with the highest quality hot-dip galvanizing processes. Our vision is centered on delivering Crash Barriers with unwavering quality standards, in strict accordance with the specifications set forth by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH), The Indian Road Congress (IRC), and international benchmarks such as American AASHTO 180 and European EN-1317-1&2. Presently, our advanced plant and machinery (separate roll forming lines for “W” Beam & “Thrie” Beam) enable us to achieve an impressive annual production capacity of 35,000 MT/1200 km of Crash Barriers with Galvanizing kettle upto 7mtr. Length.


  • Our tested and proven barriers ensure minimum damage to the vehicle and its occupants.
  • To enhance road safety by preventing vehicles from leaving the road, colliding with obstacles, or crossing into oncoming traffic lanes.
  • These barriers help to control the trajectory of a vehicle upon impact, reducing the severity of accidents and minimizing the risk of rollovers.
  • By absorbing and dissipating kinetic energy, metal beam crash barriers mitigate the severity of collisions and protect both vehicle occupants and pedestrians.
  • They require relatively low maintenance compared to some other safety systems. Routine inspections and repairs can extend their lifespan.
  • When considering their long-term effectiveness in reducing the severity of accidents and injuries, metal beam crash barriers are a cost-effective safety solution.
  • They can be installed relatively quickly, minimizing road closures and disruptions during construction.


  • As restraining barriers on embankments of Expressways, Highways & Railway lines. Making NHAI, PWD, ROAD CONTRACTORS, DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITIES AND RAILWAYS our targeted customer.
  • As containment barriers on medians and grade separators of four/six lane roads.
  • As protection barriers/containment barriers for hilly terrains and ghat roads.
  • As racecar crash guards on car racing tracks & test tracks
  • For interior traffic safety at Airports, Plants handling hazardous chemicals, mines, collieries, etc.
  • As fencing barriers for country border lines, expanse lands, water bodies, bridge piers, signposts, rocky areas etc.


Our Metal Crash Barrier offerings include both W-Beam and Thrie Beam configurations, available in single-side or double-side Guard Rail designs. These robust barriers are crafted from 3 mm thickness (customizable) cold-rolled sections, boasting a minimum yield strength of 2400 kg/sqcm. They feature a width of 313/502 mm and corrugation depth of 82 mm, ensuring durability and safety. To enhance longevity and protection against corrosion, our Crash Barriers undergo a meticulous hot-dip galvanization process, resulting in a zinc coating of 550 g/sqm. Each section has a total length of 4.318 meters (with an effective length of 4 meters) and can also be customized to meet specific requirements, adhering to the standards outlined by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH).

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