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Wednesday , 10 April 2024

Custom Engineering Private Limited – Industrial Projects

Great reliability and an industrial project: DAYTONA is ideal for point-of-sale applications that require larger workload in multiple environments. The terminal is developed to support any kind of software application thanks to different CPU performance levels. DAYTONA establishes a new standard for touchscreen terminals, with top-notch RAM and SSD. Thanks to the easy-access SSD with detached slot, it won’t be hard to open the device in case of assistance. This terminal is developed to be flexible and can easily updated to become your company’s most loyal helper. If you match it with our new P3L POS printer you will have the perfect combo to improve your business!


  1. Field upgradeable
    Quickly upgradeable RAM and SSD to increase system specifications

    2. Optional Wi-Fi®antenna
    No need for cabling – easily upgrade to high speed wireless access

    3. USB-C on all 4 sides of the terminal for proprietary peripherals
    Consolidate peripheral integrations for attended and unattended applications

    4. Multiple CPU options
    Celeron® and i3 configurations: keep consistent look and feel across your business environment

    5. Multiple operating systems
    Compatible in both Windows 10 IoT, Windows 11 (only i3 model), and Linux

    6. Cable management
    Easily hide cables in the base for a clean installation


  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming, Lottery and Betting

With the new P-RANGER A12 handheld computer you can improve the touch computing experience versus consumer grade devices. The management of the P-RANGER is easy and fast thanks to Android which offers a new intuitive platform, guaranteeing an extraordinary user experience. All the business features of the P-RANGER improve the capabilities of employees, maximizing productivity and streamlining workflows. Moreover, the device supports LTE data for both open and closed environments. Choose P-RANGER A12 to offer an advanced and cost-effective solution to your customers!

Key points

  1. High mobility

With multiple connectivities:

WI-FI 2.4/5, 4G/UMTS/LTE DUAL SIM and Bluetooth 5.0

  1. Bright 5strengthened display

Rugged MIL-STD-810G and IP67 protection

  1. Android™ 12

With Google Play Store for features, security and high


  1. Integrated 2D barcode scanner

For fast scanning of barcodes

  1. Toolkit for developer integration

With Android™ 12, USB-C OTG, scanner and function keys






VKP80III is a kiosk printer for receipts and tickets, top seller and reference product in more than 70 countries in the world. Compact, flexible and sturdy it’s also full of features, such as the high performing processor and the long-lasting printing head. It’s suitable for any kind of kiosk, thanks to the adjustable roll holder and the possibility mount it on both sides, overall 6 different positions. VKP80III is equipped with a patented anti-jam system with jamming autodetection and auto eject retry, illuminated bezel and paper presenter with eject/retract function, with the possibility to work also in the fiscal markets thanks to a dedicated model.


  • Automatic ticket ejecting & retractring back (speed > of 1,000 mm/s)
  • Patented retracting function w/o ticket presentation
  • Patented anti-jam system with jamming autodetection and auto eject retry
  • Extremely versatile integration with drivers and utilities for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Hot swap function: it is possible to replace the printer in the kiosk w/out powering it off
  • Print head self-diagnostic function: it is possible to get the number of not working dots
  • Digital journal printer: the printer allows the saving of receipt data in the flash memory in text or image format; data can be simply read via USB (mass storage)


  • Paper end (ticket presence), paper output, open printer cover, near paper end on external paper roll holder, printing head temperature;
  • VeriNotch: mobile notch/black mark sensor, no thermal side; optional TopNotch
  • Extra cable for the paper near end sensor, it can be used when the paper roll holder is installed 90° on the right side


  • The most compact high-end/top of the kiosk printer range: 116 × 143 × 76 mm
  • Paper width from 50 to 82.5 mm
  • Speed > of 250 mm/s
  • Paper roll (diameter up to 250 mm (with optional roll holder)
  • Separate roll holder in different position (3 positions for both side)
  • Ergonomic paper loading from the right or left side, suiting all kiosk designs
  • RS232 and USB 2.0 full speed interface (ETH and USB version available)
  • 1D / 2D barcodes printing capability (PDF417, DATAMATRIX, AZTEC, QR code)
  • International fonts on board: any language available
  • Long life printing head (200 Km)
  • Highly reliable cutter: > of 1,000,000 cuts
  • Illuminated paper bezel
  • Outdoor applications: -20 / +70°C working temperature

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