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Friday , 19 April 2024

AArya ITES – Fiber Protection Switching System

Industrial Grade Network Switch: Connecting the Unconnected

At eKawach, we understand that connectivity is the lifeline of modern businesses and industries. Our Industrial Grade Network Switch is engineered to meet the unique demands of rugged environments, ensuring uninterrupted data communication and network reliability.

Fiber Protection Switching System

The Optical Bypass Switch is capable of automatically bypassing faulty network nodes in the event of a power outage & prevents the failure in fiber optical network infrastructures.

Key Features:

Robust Design: Designed to thrive in harsh conditions, our Industrial Grade Network Switches are built to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and dust. Whether it’s a factory floor, an outdoor installation, or a challenging industrial setting, our switches deliver consistent performance.

Scalability: eKawach’s network switches are highly scalable, accommodating your evolving network needs. They can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and expand as your operations grow.

Redundancy and Reliability: Our switches prioritize redundancy and reliability. They feature redundant power supplies, multiple connectivity options, and advanced failover mechanisms to ensure uninterrupted network connectivity.

Security: Security is paramount. eKawach’s Industrial Grade Network Switches offer robust security features, including advanced authentication, access control, and data encryption, protecting your network from unauthorized access and cyber threats.


Manufacturing: Enhance production efficiency and streamline operations in manufacturing facilities with our network switches, ensuring real-time data exchange and control.

Oil and Gas: Our switches are ideal for oil rigs and remote drilling sites, where connectivity must be maintained in challenging conditions.

Transportation: Keep transportation networks running smoothly, whether it’s for rail, road, or maritime applications, with eKawach’s rugged network switches.

Utilities: Ensure uninterrupted communication in utility sectors such as power plants, water treatment facilities, and substations with our reliable switches.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

At eKawach, we understand that different industries and applications have unique networking requirements. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of Industrial Grade Network Switches to address a variety of needs, including Power over Ethernet (PoE), Non-PoE, Layer 3 (L3), Layer 2 (L2) and Smart Web Managed switches.

Our Range of Industrial Network Switches:

PoE Switches: Power over Ethernet switches are designed to simplify network deployment by providing power and data over a single cable. Ideal for IP cameras, access points, and IoT devices, our PoE switches offer both efficiency and convenience.

Non-PoE Switches: For applications that don’t require PoE capabilities, our non-PoE switches provide high-performance data connectivity without the added power delivery features.

Layer 3 (L3) Switches: L3 switches provide advanced routing capabilities, making them ideal for complex network environments. They can route data based on IP addresses, enhancing network efficiency and scalability.

Layer 2 (L2) Switches: L2 switches are essential for basic network segmentation and efficient data traffic management. They are the foundation of reliable local networks.

Smart Web Managed Switches: Our Smart Web Managed switches offer a higher level of control and flexibility. With intuitive web-based management interfaces, you can optimize network performance and security according to your specific needs.

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