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Thursday , 18 April 2024

Brimming with Technology and Innovations

Rasmeet Kohli, MD, Envoys Electronics, further spoke about how they are trying to integrate AI on a core level, where detection and display happens on the same system. He mentioned that Envoys’ latest developments are around vehicle movements and AI – Using a camera they can identify helmet or seatbelt violations. The traffic signals will not change based on the violation and a display screen will show the driver his violation. This would have an interesting effect of neighbouring vehicles realising who is the culprit.

Industry titans like Bosch are looking to grow the mobility ecosystem in India through a new division called mobility platforms and services – a unique mobility marketplace. Bosch will provide mobility startups with resources such as cloud, APIs and DevOps and other services, while connecting them with vendors within the larger ecosystem. This allows startups to innovate freely, as all the building blocks for their organisations are available. Siddhartha Saha, Head – GTM, Parked Vehicle Ecosystem, Bosch India spoke about their logistics platform called L.OS, a collaboration with AWS. “How do we connect creators and system integrators to work together, with Bosch as the enabling layer, on delivering the best use cases to the market? How do you foster more innovation? And how do we penetrate parking in a more scalable manner?”

Drita Technologies’ display solutions for command and control rooms have been deployed in airports across the country. The solution integrates all data coming from network IP streams, local workstations, remote devices, etc., all through internet protocol on various dashboards. Multiple control rooms can collaborate through customised solutions on common data points. The data is integrated in a controller and then presented on the screen simultaneously, which helps in operational efficiency and quick decision making, especially in mission critical monitoring. Mustufa Hararwala, Director said, “A unique feature which we have also deployed in airports is that ground emergency situations can be live streamed to the control room through a mobile camera. This is what we have specifically deployed with Adani airports.”

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