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Monday , 20 May 2024

Brimming with Technology and Innovations

For example, Sunrise Road Markings discussed the development of a new type of paint – a metallic paint that would not wipe off easily. The product – a metallic retro reflective paint – could be used on different vehicles and on the road. Siddharth Agarwal, MD, also spoke about the crash barriers they had launched at the last Expo, extensively used in mountainous regions where they cannot take any chances with safety.

Abhinav Agarwal, Founder & CEO at Futops Technologies, discussed their intelligent traffic management system, which they were launching at the event. The system measures low speed and high speed, raises alerts in real time, and detects traffic jams or debris on the road. These features are based on CCTV-based analytics, which can connect up to 64 cameras with a single node and can run multiple applications in that node. The system utilises Futops cutting-edge video analytics platform, home-grown in India. It has been deployed in Japan and is monitoring 1 million vehicles every day. The company is also planning on introducing other sensors, like proximity sensors, to integrate with existing systems.

Sandeep Pawar, MD & CEO, Kent ITS, spoke about a new system that will enable free flow systems at toll booths. The system is placed 15 metres before to scan the cars and allow for less stoppage at the barrier. The barrier will remain down only due to invalid tags or payment problems. He mentioned how in India we are yet to progress towards free flow systems because there is no enforcement infrastructure. He believes that this solution will address the single entry flow system wherein the throughput of the lane is increased to almost three to four times. He went on to reiterate his belief in the global competitiveness of Indian products – with proper testing, proper certification, and the right price.

Norden Communication innovates its products and solutions through the projects it undertakes for smart cities and national highways. Discussing the dangers of trucks parked on National Highways and visibility issues, Sajan S said “On the vision challenges, for example, National Highways, one of the big trucks will be parked on the side of the road. During the foggy season, people will not be able to see them. So, right now, we are coming with thermal solutions. Only a few Chinese players had that earlier. Now, we have a complete replacement for that solution.” He also spoke about the challenges with number plate recognition based on different styles and Indian scripts of writing number plates. He believes that AI is going to be the key in helping us crack that problem.

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