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Tuesday , 21 May 2024

Brimming with Technology and Innovations

This thought for road safety was echoed by Antonio Amengual, Director – Road Steel Engineering, Goodluck India, who welcomed the government’s move to demand crash barrier systems that are fully tested and certified according to performance standards. He spoke about the company’s vehicle restraint systems and roadside safety products, such as bridge parapets, which are backed by intelligent design and powerful technology. The intention is to bring technology and engineering to the country, not just the products. Given that one third of injuries on the road are due to single-vehicle accidents, the company is focusing on developing and deploying the right solutions to create safer conditions on the roads.

Weigh in Motion (WIM) systems made an appearance at the Kistler stall, which are essential to preserving the quality and conditions of the road. Anil Anand, Country Director – Kistler, drew attention to the unique piezoelectric technology that can measure weight at speeds ranging from 5km to 200 km, with just one sensor. The key differentiator according to Anand is the ease of installation and the lack of maintenance. With so many expressways under construction, WIM could directly impact the cost of road maintenance and prevent overloading of sensitive infrastructure.

With 70 years of rich experience in developing surveillance systems, Panasonic discussed the latest developments in its cyber security technology. This technology is NIST FIPS 1402 Class 3 certified, which is the highest level of cyber security certificate that includes physical tampering on the chip level. Mayank Aggrawal, Product Manager – Security and Surveillance, spoke about the robustness of these camera products, which offer 5-8 years of usability and run on edge-based analytics. This removes the need for a processing unit and allows for a simple architecture. Their future plans are around ANPR with face detection, centred on edge-based cameras – a key aspect of intelligent surveillance systems.

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