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Saturday , 18 May 2024

Vigilance and monitoring beefed up on Highways

The Ministry of Road Transport in a first has planned to have an initiative to monitor violations of traffic rules on national highways. Mobile teams of ex-defence personnel armed with body-cameras will be deployed by the ministry followed by installation of CCTV cameras on 11 highway stretches in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh and Bihar.

The deployed personnel will patrol the designated stretches and will record traffic violations. Also, CCTV cameras will be fixed at every 5km to capture all violations around the spot. The cameras used in this project including body cameras will give direct feed to the control rooms. They will be linked to the Police Control Room so that challan can be issued, or necessary action can be taken.

The pilot will cover 1,550km of NH corridors, which have been identified based on high rate of accidents and will involve about Rs 300Cr expenditure. The World Bank will provide financial assistance for this project.

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