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Monday , 22 July 2024

Vehicle Classification Systems

MC5600 Vehicle Classifier System from MetroCount precisely stores information of every axle of a vehicle, and with the included Traffic Executive software, provides information like the class, speed and gap of every vehicle. The MetroCount MC5600 combines state-of-the-art traffic logging hardware with powerful, yet easy-to-use software. The System includes the MC5600 Series Roadside Unit and MetroCount Traffic Executive Software as the main units. The system has an internal replaceable 6V 18Ah user replaceable battery pack and 4D alkaline cells. During continuous surveys at 25oC, the battery lasts 290 days; with one week survey every other week it lasts 540 days and with one week surveys every four weeks it lasts 108 days. The current drain is less than 1.8mA while running and less than 100?A when stopped. It has memory options of 512kB, 1MB and 2MB CMOS RAM. The RAM is backed up by a 3.6V Nickel Cadmium power supply. The baud rate is 9,600 or 38,000bps, using Block method with Acknowledge. It has a pneumatic tube type sensor with a resolution of better than 1ms. The dimensions are: Stainless steel road case ? 350mm x 124mm x 95mm and PVC Main System Unit ? 243mm x 107mm x 82mm.

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