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Sunday , 3 March 2024

Traffic Data Collection Services

KritiiKal Solutions offers traffic data collection surveys and services under the brand name TRAZER (Traffic AnalyZer and EnumeratoR). TRAZER is used in a variety of applications such as planning of highways, toll lanes and city roads, ATCC (Automatic Traffic Counting and Classification)/AVCC (Automatic Vehicle Counting and Classification) applications, traffic census, traffic monitoring, traffic pattern analysis, driver behaviour analysis as well as academic research. Surveys can be conducted on highways as well as on city/mid-block traffic. TRAZER delivers the AVCC data along with vehicle speed, trajectory and annotated videos for verification of the classified counts. End user does not have to worry about the infrastructure, resource planning and training and reliability of the manual counting data; TRAZER automatically processes the traffic videos. Traffic data is very reliable and fully auditable by clients and user agencies using annotated videos. KritiKal undertakes complete turnkey surveys, and provides traffic reports in suitable formats such as excel sheets and databases on CDs and other media. Field maintenance and management is required only during the duration of the survey when the video is captured. There is no need to hire, train in-house resources or procure infrastructure like ATCC systems, camera software or machines. Services offered can be customised to fit different needs and budgets.

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