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Friday , 14 June 2024

High volume traffic barriers

CAME, a leading manufacturer of automated access control products has launched its new Gard 3 line of barriers. These are especially suited to handle quick passages in public parking lots, hospitals, motorways and any other facilities with high traffic density, even in severe weather. Being made of either galvanised steel or AISI 304 steel with epoxy powder coatings, they can withstand recoil from the barrier arm at peripheral speeds. The electrical panel and dedicated motor provide quick 0.9 second opening times. They are also available in rounded or semi-oval shapes with anti-impact profile to counter any wind-sail effect in very windy areas. They have a built-in flashing light, LED luminous diffuser and intermittent flashing lights which can be integrated with the semi-oval barrier arms. This ensures high visibility of the barrier arm movement. An encoder-based device in the control panel electronically controls the barrier-arm movement, monitors the motor thrust and is activated when an obstacle is detected in the drive way, either halting the movement or inverting the direction of travel of the arm. The other features are auto-diagnostics of any safety devices connected to the system, displays for viewing programming functions and adjustable barrier-arm opening speed, regardless of the closing speed. Backup or auxiliary power supply units ensure the system works despite any power outages. The product has a very high level of safety due to being En tested and due to the new G03000 system. The G03000 system is a release device that detaches the rounded tube barrier arm which is triggered upon impact. The new break-away arm-attachment system, besides releasing the arm from its housing to limit the impact, also frees up the passage because of a lateral fall-away system to prevent the barrier arm from bouncing back against vehicles.

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