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Monday , 22 July 2024

TECHSTURE TECHNOLOGIES Traffic Surveillance and Control System

eTrafficEye is a vision based traffic collection, classification & management system from TechSture Technologies that uses innovative vision based technology & software algorithms to count, classify and manage traffic in highways and cities. The system uses specially designed cameras with built-in processing that captures vehicles travelling at different speeds, processes & feeds data to a server or control device for further action and reporting.

Application areas:

  • Red Light Violation Detection & Signal Management: It captures signal offenders with video and number plate evidence. Also auto identifies traffic flow, volume/queue build up and intelligently manages traffic flow by controlling signal switching, reducing congestion and emissions.
  • For Highways Traffic Surveillance and Statistics: A portable devices with fast and easy setup; it can conveniently conduct traffic count studies with vehicle classification. The data captured is statistically represented in reports and is also accurately auditable for estimate.
  • For Infrastructure Planning: It can accurately determine PCU’s density and traffic pattern both during off peak and during peak hours to help user with data need for road infrastructure planning.

The system can easily define detection zones; define vehicle travel direction easily & classifies wide range of vehicle; can detect congestion; and has fast & easy setup and long battery backup.

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