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Thursday , 18 July 2024

SWARAJ SECUTECH Heavy-duty Barriers

The Patriot Series Barriers from Swaraj Secutech are the ideal for heavy duty operation. The indigenous made Pat 6 barrier is a combination of maintenance-free operation and aesthetic look. It has following features:

• The maintenance-free torque motor ensures 100% duty cycle operation with five million MTBF. The heavy-duty Gear Drive Motor is environment friendly, energy-saving and maintenance -free. There is no electric shock or overheating while working continuously which protects the controller and prolongs its lifetime.
• Simple structure and double limit switch design ensures easy installation and maintenance cost.
• If power is suddenly off while the boom is closing, the barrier is equipped with a manual knob which enables the operator to manually open or close the barrier.
• The housing adopts 2mm precise machining cold-rolled plate and static electricity sprayed anti-UV surface. It confirms to IP68 dustproof and waterproof standards.
• The patent pending precise casting sine lever drive mechanism enables the boom arm to move from slow to fast when it starts, and fast to slow when it stops. This effectively reduces the shaking of the boom arm and reduces the burden of the electrical motor helping in prolonged lifetime of the motor and mechanical components.

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