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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Siemens examines intelligent mobility in South Yorkshire

Siemens recently conducted a four months joint feasibility study with South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) in South Yorkshire to evaluate the impact, benefits and requirements of an integrated and multi-modal transport system.

Funded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), the first phase of the collaboration project looked at offering a unique and innovative IT solution for local citizen and traveller access to comprehensive, yet personalised and travel information particularly across the various transport modes.

Andy Gill, Business Development Manager, Siemens, said, ‘The Siemens Integrated Mobility Platform (IMP) enables users to manage their customer data and travel preferences, reserve and pay for transportation services and receive and authenticate their travel tickets. Siemens IMP supports the creation of an integrated city transport system, helping people find their way and pay easily for their journeys.”

The Feasibility Study focussed on specific local traveller use cases, describing the potential integrated and multi-modal approaches that will be possible once the final system has been implemented. The study also examined ways in which a multi-modal smart payment system can be created and implemented, which works across a range of modes of travel including cycle hire, bus, tram, car club, taxi, car parking such that the trip and choices are better understood by all stakeholders.


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