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Wednesday , 21 February 2024

Showcasing New Technologies

During the Expo, we displayed products such as roller barrier, speed enforcement system, speed calming devices, and safety trailer etc. The most recent product developed by Ador is for speed enforcement system. It was developed keeping in mind the number of road accidents happens in India due to speed violation. We have developed this product with the help of an Australian company, and the product is equipped with radar, camera and a flasher. The technology can help the police capture the over speeding vehicles offenders on the national and state highways. We have installed this technology on the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

Our customers are government authorities. The industry always face delays in receiving funds and sanctions from higher authorities. Reasons could be many, but, it needs to be streamlined for the greater purpose and safety of the citizens.

We find this exhibition relevant considering the visitors are knowledgeable and are adaptive to the new technologies.

Sharad Chirputkar,
Head – Traffic & Enforcement Business, Ador Powertron Ltd

We showcased technologies related to toll and highway ITS. The conference was a good platform for all the stakeholders to discuss the new technologies, on-ground challenges and global opportunities. It also helped in industrial networking, global recognition of our brand and helped us explore new opportunities.

I would say, it’s a good event to meet our vendors. We met the OEM firm from Germany and found out a solution to one of our problem. Through this event, we always look forward to meeting our clients, new customers, senior officials and decision-makers.

Sandeep Pawar,
Managing Director & CEO, Kent Intelligent Transport Systems Pvt Ltd

We have introduced modular traffic lights with an Austrian-based company, Swarco. This signalling system is equipped with various possible combinations. Besides, for differently-abled people, we have introduced a new signalling system such as voice assistants and push-button system with a tactile feeling which will help these people with proper directions avoiding incidents while crossing. As for generation next, who are glued to the smartphones, we introduced a new feature in our traffic lights. This system alerts pedestrians while crossing the road. Besides, we also introduced a new speed enforcement system from Germanbased Vtronic, which have a high level of detection accuracy i.e. 99%.

The technology can capture wide length on the highway and report the speed violation to authorities. This particular device is unique in its way as it can detect the class of the vehicle and the lane in which the vehicle is moving.

The government must use standardized products in their projects. In the end, safety matters! Worldwide there are set standards, and to some extent, India is adopting it. However, the set norms or standards are kept aside just for some low-cost technologies. And, as a part of this industry, we are worried. At present, we supplied world-class devices to around 24 cities in India. We request state government and authorities to adhere to the strong regulations while deploying technologies for road safety purpose and also strongly enforce laws which will save many lives on the highway.

This year, the footfall has been very good. Our stall has received a large number of dignitaries and VIPs. Importantly, for us, these dignitaries were well-versed with the subject and they discussed their requirements and challenges with us. Given that kind of response from the visitors, we think this year Expo was a great success.

Anil Shenoy,
Chief Operating Officer, Trafitek Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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