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Monday , 24 June 2024

Rosmerta Technologies:Providing Smart Transportation Solutions

High Security Registration Plates

Rosmerta has Implemented HSRP projects in states such as Delhi and Karnataka with project duration of 15 years as an exclusive partner to the Union Government.

HSRP was introduced to make the registration plates uniform for different vehicles so that latest technologies like Number Plate Recognition can be introduced at a later date. It also regulates the issuance of registration plates so that illegal plates cannot be used by miscreants. Further, it helps curb vehicle thefts and vehicle borne crime.

A HSRP has chromium hologram laser numbering, with the rear registration plate being fitted with a non-reusable snap lock to make it tamper proof. It has a retro reflective film bearing a verification inscription ‘India’ at 45 degree inclination and an embossed registration number. A chromium based third registration plate in the form of sticker is to be attached to the windshield in which the engine and chassis numbers are indicated along with the name of registering authority. HSRP improve security by assisting law enforcing authorities in tackling road related crimes. They have enhanced night visibility, enabling reading of the number plates and identifying the vehicles. They are nearly impossible to duplicate and counterfeit and there is better control and traceability.

Intelligent Transport Solutions

These are GPS & GPRS based Vehicle Tracking System, Bus Depot Management System through ETM, CCTV, Automatic Fare Collection, Web Based Passenger Information System, On-line Reservation System (ORS), Public ORS (PORS), RFID enabled SMART Card Solution, Fleet Management System, School Transport Automation System, GPS Based Auto Fare Meters and Speed Governors.

RFID Integrated Solutions

School Automation Solutions, Student Visibility System, Attendance, Cafeteria & Library Management System, Parking Management, Access Control System, Waste Management, Fleet Management, File Tracking System, Vehicle Information System, Toll Collection System, RFID Integrated Tyre Tracking System, RFDI based Vehicle Identification and Access Control System, RFID Integrated Asset tracking System, RFID based Jewellery Tracking System.

GIS Solutions

3D Map Creation, Aerial Surveying and Mapping, Web based GIS Applications, Routing and Scheduling, Land information, Disaster management, Water and Forest Information Management.

Test Lane Projects

Vehicle Test Lane tests vehicles for fitness parameters like brakes, headlight, suspension, alignment, pollution, speedometer including above and under carriage inspection. All the test data is stored in the computer.

Rosmerta operates from 300 nationwide locations, giving it a national footprint that further enhances its appeal to its customers.

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