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Friday , 17 May 2024

Rosmerta Technologies:Providing Smart Transportation Solutions

Rosmerta Technologies is a 100 million group that has established itself in transport solutions and e-governance. Rosmerta Group has highest number of client base in India for High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) supply and fixation. The company has successfully implemented varied projects across 13 states in India. It has an experience of over seven years in executing Smart Card Projects, ITS Projects & HSRP Projects for the Transport Department on Build, Own, Operate (BOO), DBOT (Design, Build, Own, Transfer), Build, Own, Operate , Transfer (BOOT) and PPP (Public, Private Partnership) Bases. It has a market share of 60% in the Smart Card, Speed Governor and High Security Registration Plates segments in India. The company has issued more than 40 million cards so far and is issuing more than eight million cards per annum. It is the only company to successfully implement India’s sole Property Registration Card project in alliance with CIDCO. It introduced Variable Speed Governors (VSG) and ‘Fly By Wire’ (FBW) Speed Governor and has applied for VSG patent. The company’s proprietary vector mapping engine, Eagle 3.0, is one of the most advanced Data Rendering Engine using Silver light Platform.

In its short history, Rosmerta has been able to win prestigious projects for issuing Hybrid Optical Strip Smart Card Technology-based Vehicle Registration Certificates (VRCs) and Driving Licence (DLs) to different states of India. Successful implementation of these projects has seen almost 35 million VRCs/DLs being issued and bears testimony to the company’s multi-mode capabilities.

Rosmerta’s main verticals are:

Digitization & Enrolment for Smart Card Solution

Smart Card Solution projects done by Rosmerta includes digitization and enrolment for National Population Register (NPR) project awarded by the Registrar General of India, Driving Licence, Vehicle Registration Certificates, Property Registration Card, and Unique Identification (Aadhaar) Project of India.

Smart Driving Licence

Rosmerta Technologies plays a major role in adding on to the Smart-Card based Driver’s Licence project in India. The driving licence is a chip-based ID document that entitles a specific person to drive a certain category of vehicle.

The microprocessor securely stores a high-resolution picture of the holder, his/her blood type, and the drivers’ credentials to enable digital signature. The chip also contains the history of the driver’s fines, allowing the transit authorities to easily monitor the driver’s behaviour on the roads and could, in the future, be used for insurance companies to calculate policy costs. Fingerprints and facial picture of the driver are encoded in the card body.

The system allows the authorities to spool information about an individual with the help of a handheld terminal that is carried by the policemen/transport authorities in the streets. This terminal can read the data in the microprocessor of the driving licence and shows on the handheld device screen the digitized picture stored in the chip. The policeman then can see whether it matches the picture encoded in the card body of the driver’s licence.

The terminal also encodes a list of most frequent driving penalties and enables the policeman to write onto the chip the corresponding code each time the driver breaks the law, as well as other details such as the date and place.

One of the major benefits of this smart card-based program lies in the information sharing capability; the chip allows for collecting and sharing information about the driver with other public institutions.

The smart car DLs are secure, interoperable, modular, ISO/IEC compatible and scalable in their cost. They have a long life with data retention of more than 10 years and a centralized web-based management of database.

Smart VRC

Rosmerta has made a significant contribution towards India’s hybrid Smart-Card based Vehicle Registration Certificates (VRCs) and ID programs. The VRCs were initiated to ease the life of the Road Transport Department, the Government and most importantly, the citizens, by replacing the paper-based VRCs that were subjected to fraud, loss, duplication, etc.

The Smart VRC has the owner’s information printed on the cards and it also has an Optical Strip or Microprocessor Chip, or both, as in the case of Hybrid smart cards) embedded on the card.

The Rosmerta Smart Vehicle Registration Certificate card (VRC) securely stores statutory data about the vehicle, its history, its registration details and the owner’s data.

The system offers immediate access to information about drivers and their vehicles to the Police/Road Transport authorities in the field. Any Police/Road Transport officer equipped with a portable reader terminal is able to insert the vehicle registration card in the portable reader and instantly retrieve data about the vehicle and its owner, as well as records regarding certificate of pollution control etc. All data stored on the card is concurrently available in a central database hosted by the State Transport Department, thus verifying the legal status of a registered vehicle.

Smart VRC offers many benefits to the government. It gets increased knowledge of vehicles in circulation and is able to save costs due to significant reduction in processing times and paperwork. Issuing of vehicle registrations is much faster, with recovery of traffic violation fines, registration fees and taxes being more efficient. Drivers get protection from purchasing illegally obtained vehicles, faster processing at state borders and enhanced protection against vehicle and identity theft.

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