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Thursday , 30 November 2023



Our Toll Management System is a fool-proof lane engine which is not only powerful but also allied with other sub-systems. It is designed to facilitate a system free from any fraudulence and provides a seamless, accurate, steady, identifiable and traceable financial system. Other integrated sub-system works independently well but in control and harmony of lane engine.

It is also ideal for the implementation of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) either on Multi-Lane or in Hybrid mode allowing various modes of payment such as RFID tags or FASTag, Smartcard, cash, app and more. We have designed customized solution especially to deal with the specific needs and issues of Toll road projects in India.


  • Fraud detection.
  • Enhance revenue collection system
  • Accelerates the process
  • Boost system uptime
  • Make dashboard management easier
  • Vehicle detection and classification become easy
  • Easy to monitor the entire security system like who is accessing your premises.
  • Easily integrated with existing system for high level of security system.


This is an effective Vehicle Accurate Speed Display System (Vehicle Speed Detection System) that is robust and ready-to-integrate. It generates E-Challan to find out vehicles that do not follow the permissible speed limits on the road instantly.

When the vehicle enters the track to be measured, VASD is prompted. It utilizes the sensors to analyse the speed of the vehicles. If the vehicle is not adhering to the speed limit, the system instantly captures the image of the offending vehicle. The image taken clearly shows the number of the vehicle along with the type, colour and make of the number plate.


  • Video obtained is AI and ML based
  • The instant speed is calculated by analysing the time
  • The system also generates alerts for hot-listed or stolen vehicles
  • The speed enforcement camera is also capable of calculating the average speed of the vehicles between two reference points
  • The VASD reads up to 120 km/hr speed with precision
  • The speed limit is configurable as per the requirements of the client.
  • Customised reports can also be generated with our VASD.


The automatic Parking Management System from ParknSecure uses cutting edge technologies, like boom barrier, push-button switch, e-ticketing, etc. It aims to deliver an intelligent system that optimizes th parking programs, delivers convenient solutions for drivers and helps reduce costs and street congestion.

PMS comes with:

  • Access control system
  • Revenue management
  • Security system
  • Automatic number plate recognition system


Contactless Parking System

RFID based parking management system is ideal for restricted areas where only authorized persons are allowed to access. The system is installed with an RFID reader and RFID tag integrated with boom barrier gate.

Fully Automatic Parking System

This looks like robotic valet parking. It refers to the man-less parking system where payment, entry and exit systems are automated by the means of state of the art technology.

Single storey to multi-storey, fully automatic to semi-automatic

E-ticketing feature, manned managed parking, ANPR, boom barrier, and partially automated as well as fully automated parking system make the solution very appropriate.

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