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Wednesday , 4 October 2023

MSD Telematics Provides Cellular based GPS for AVL Application

traQmatiX, a brand owned by MSD Telematics catering to a variety of industries including public transit operators, logistics providers, banking, construction, utility, police departments, service and other sector provides a secure, cellular based, GPS for AVL application. It is also an expert in vehicle recovery. Shefali Sinha, Account Manager – Business Developement and Sales, traQmatiX (M.S.D Telematics Pvt Ltd) speaks about their Vehicle Tracking System for the fleet management

Vehicle Tracking System is the combination of Automatic Vehicle Location update and the Software Application Platform to host the device. It uses GPS Technology for locating the vehicle.

The information is received in the latitude and longitude and further electronically mapped. VTS is basically used for fleet management for tracking, routing, dispatching, security and information.

The tracking can widely be categorized into:

1) Active – Here the real time data transmission takes place via the cellular phones and satellites.

2) Passive – Here the data is stored and is fetched as and when required by downloading on PC.

The VTS primarily combines three aspects:

1) GPS Tracking Hardware – The hardware is installed in the vehicles and as required the information is fed after the regular required intervals to the server. The information may range from Fuel Consumption, Temperature Sensing, AC On/Off, Door Open/ Close, Fuel Cut-Off, Ignition On/ Off, Battery Status, Geo-Fencing, Idling Status, SOS Status, Over-speed monitoring, Driver’s behavior, Pressure Sensing to RPM monitoring and much more.

2) Server Set-Up – It basically does three tasks

• Receiving the data from the GPS tracking hardware

• Storing the data securely

• Fetching and furnishing data/ information as and when required

3) User Interface – It enables the user to access and view the information as per their convenience.

M S D Telematics Private Limited has a wide range of Hardware to offer from the basic tracker to the sophisticated once supporting the RFID reader, Camera, Two-way Communication, Fuel Sensor, Temperature and Pressure, LCD Screen etc. Hardware and in-house developed software the company fits in the following areas:

• Stolen Vehicle Recovery

• Fleet Management

• Asset Tracking

• Managing Field Sales and Services

• Surveillance

• Transit Tracking

• Tankers and Trailers Tracking

• Fuel Monitoring

• Distance , Speed and Cost Calculation

• Temperature Monitoring

• Pressure Monitoring

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