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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Kritilal’s UVSS secures Mumbai International Airport

Kapil BardejaThe growing amount of vehicular traffic to the airport premises made Mumbai International Airport to entrust complete security of its multi-level car parking to KritiKal SecureScan Pvt Ltd. Kapil Bardeja, Co-Founder & CEO, of its company speaks about the automated under vehicle scanning system or UVSS.

UVSS, integrated with other security and parking systems, gives a complete, automated and real time record and check of all vehicles entering the area.

Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd (MIAL) is a joint venture between the GVK led consortium (74%) and Airports Authority of India (26%). It is world’s third best international airport and also one of the busiest airports in Asia. Mumbai airport handled traffic of 36.63 million passengers and 694,261 tonnes of cargo in 2014-15. With the launch of the new integrated Terminal 2 and cargo complex, the airport is now capable of handling 40 million passengers and 1.50 million metric tonnes of cargo annually.

Kiririkal’s UVSS secures  Mumbai International AirportMIAL has state-of-the-art Multi Level Car Parking (MLCP), with 5000 cars capacity and multiple entry points to the MLCP. Due to high vehicular traffic and a very high footfall in the MLCP, there was an urgent requirement to check all vehicles thoroughly entering the MLCP given its proximity to the airport. Increasingly, terrorist outfits across the globe use latest and innovative means to attack on high security buildings and premises, airports being especially vulnerable to possible terrorist attacks. Therefore authorities felt the need for latest technology and yet ensuring convenience of smooth flow of air traffic.

The solution proposed included automated recording of the all incoming vehicles in MLCP channeled via all entry points and checking of vehicles underside among other things at each entry gate. Kritikal’s ZenScan®– Automated Under vehicle scanning system was approved and validated by the security and law enforcement personnel and is now successfully installed and operational at multiple entries of MLCP. UVSS, integrated with other security and parking systems, give a complete, automated and real time record and check of all vehicles entering the area. This installation at MLCP has helped the administration and security department by saving a lot of time in scrutinizing the vehicles and hence providing them the reliable and authentic tool for security.

The system uses high end electro-mechanicals and scanning camera based assembly to capture a high resolution composite image of the complete underside of any moving vehicle and displays it on the operator’s screen in real-time. It is integrated with ANPR camera for automated record keeping of all vehicles entering the premise and a driver camera installed at the gate to capture the driver’s image. There is also an option to feed in a hot-listed/suspected vehicle at the central monitoring station whereby any match found at any of the entry points can be flagged in real-time.

KritiKal SecureScan (KSS) is an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi linked entity and the leading manufacturer of Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS), ANPR systems and Traffic enforcement systems in India and other countries across the globe with multiple installations.


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