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Wednesday , 17 April 2024

Kataline Infraproducts Pvt Ltd Colours for Road Safety

The steady increase in traffic on the roads calls for providing safer and better-dedicated infrastructure. Use of colours in messages and road markings can help channelise, monitor and discipline the varied forms of traffic- both motorised and non motorised

Introduced in 2014 by Kataline Infraproducts Pvt Ltd, the two component cold plastic-based solutions can make traffic more streamlined and increase road aesthetics.

Coloured road surfacing can help:

  • Create a psychological barrier to warn different road users of the traffic safety measures.
  • Delineation of the traffic path
  • Channelise – pedestrians and cyclists into the safe zones
  • Area demarcation for parking, bus lanes etc
  • Ease maintenance and enhance durability with the use of two component cold plastic paint

Solutions for non motorised traffic

The use of coloured paver blocks is gaining popularity for cycle tracks. But, it fails to address the issue of rider comfort and long-lasting aesthetic effects. As per a study conducted by the Technical University of Munich, Department of Sports Equipment and Material asphalt and concrete are most suitable for cycling.

A dedicated cycle track demarcated with colour alone is insufficient to warn drivers of lane change over. It is recommended to use Audible Vibratory Profiled Road Markings when cycle tracks are developed at grade. These markings provide audible and vibratory sensory perception to drivers and warn them of lane change over. Additionally, these markings provide enhanced retroreflective properties. The plaster can be applied by roller, screed and spray applications for wide-area markings and Plastrib 2K for Audible Vibratory Profiled Markings for edge line and transverse markings.

Solutions for motorised traffic

Colours can be used to demarcate bus lanes for BRTS, entry and exit of Expressways, horizontal speed limits, parking areas etc.

The latest use gaining acceptance is India, is the specification of IRC 35:2015 that recommends the use of red and white pedestrian crossings over black and white crossings in heavy traffic and hazardous areas.

Kataline Infraproducts has successfully implemented two- component Cold Plastic Solutions in Delhi, Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Pune, Surat, Dehradun, Nagpur, Ujjain, Raipur, Gwalior, Allahabad, Kochi.

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