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Tuesday , 16 July 2024

Providing Smart Vehicle Parking Management System

‘HawkEye Parking’ Mobile App is a commercial application to solve the parking woes not only for the Indian market but also other developed markets. The app launched by Mumbai-based JAAN Innovations Pvt Ltd uses video-based detection of parking bay occupation and is designed to use inexpensive, low-end cameras to minimize capital cost says Ajay Masur, Co-Founder, JAAN Innovations Pvt Ltd

What are the key solutions offered by JAAN Innovations?

JAAN Innovations has developed the Image Processing and IOT based platform, which can be used for many applications (e.g Retail, Perimetry Security etc). However, currently we are concentrating on Smart Vehicle Parking Management System. For this we offer our H/W Platform, cloud-based S/W Platform and Mobile App. This Parking Management System has been launched under the brand name of ‘HawkEye Parking’.

What are the special features of your technology?

As indicated above, HawkEye Parking system constitutes of three main elements H/W Platform, S/W Platform and Mobile App. One of the main features of our platform and technology is the Interface to any types and all types of sensors; viz. magnetic, infrared, ultrasonic and RFID.

In addition to the sensors, our main USP is to use low cost video cameras (and using our proprietary algorithms) to determine the various action points:- NPR (Number plate sensing, determine vehicle occupancy, make and model of vehicle etc.)

‘Show my Car’ is a security feature for users of our mobile app. Invoking this feature, gives the owner a real time image of his vehicle parked in a parking
area to give comfort about the safety of his vehicle.

Our system is extremely flexible for interfacing with other parking system and suppliers of parking elements, like boom barriers, display systems, sensors etc.

How has the response been so far?

Response from the market, both within India and out side has been good. While, awareness is low, we are currently targeting very specific customers (malls/ multiplexes and large open car parks for both single level or multilevel parking) who have appreciated and have like our solution very much.

We have implemented five large size parking systems in Kenya and we have five more under implementation in Kenya. In India, we have one very large parking system under implementation and many in pipeline. By the end of December 2018, we will have 20 large parking systems in India, Kenya and UAE. Once we have completed 50 parking systems (with 20,000+ parking bays) by the end of 2019, we will start looking at markets in the US and Europe.

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