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Wednesday , 29 May 2024

Coppernicus e-bikes
Smooth rides on Rough terrains

Coppernicus, an Indian motor vehicle brand which designs and manufactures electric vehicles, has launched its first premium segment e-bike, the Coppernicus T3. Built tough and backed by some of the biggest and most respected names in the industry, there is no compromise on quality or ride experience.

Coppernicus is launching 3 models with a range of 30 to 100 Kms and a price tag between Rs.40,000.00 and Rs.1.28 Lakhs. The top of the line T3 model will be competitively priced about 50% lower than imported bikes with similar specifications. The bike is powered by a 250W motor from Bafang – one of the world leaders in brushless motors. It has a max speed of 25 KMPH and a 14Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack as its power train. The T3 flaunts some of the world’s best components like the Shimano Zee gears with a 10 speed cassette from Japan which also includes a clutch system that provides smooth riding even on rough terrain. Designed specifically for the Indian market, the Bike rides with ease on city roads as well as rough terrain. While pedaling, the E-bikes have torque sensors that will assist your ride by supplying the required power from the motors as per your assist settings. It can also cruise without pedaling – for which a separate accelerator is provided. A color LCD display provides the rider with information like battery range, state of charge, current speed and other settings.

Coppernicus is also launching a foldable e-bike with a range of upto 30 Kms which you can carry in your car for recreational purpose while going on long vacations to scenic places and hill stations. Pre-booking of orders for the folding bike is open and should be available in December 2018.

The push towards a greener environment and the smart city project of the Government will be a catalyst for the use of e-bikes in the country says Kevin Vas, the CEO of Coppernicus. The bike can be serviced at any bicycle showroom. For additional maintenance support, Coppernicus is working on a format to service your bicycle at home in different cities. The T3 is available in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Kochi, Chennai and Ahmedabad through its dealer network and also through online sales platforms for which it has signed up with Amazon and ChoosemyBicycle.com. The e-bicycles will be delivered to customers in an almost fully assembled conditions to their homes. In Mumbai, Coppernicus E-bikes are available with PRO9 Bicycle Studio located in Bandra, Mumbai, a name synonymous with bicycles and a leading dealer for premium segment bicycles.

Globally, e-cycles are a popular choice of the younger generation more than car ownership. India is massively late to the e-cycle party with negligible sales compared to China where sales have exploded from 300,000 in 2000 to almost 32.8 million units in 2016, according to statistics portal Statista.

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