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Saturday , 9 December 2023

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Smart Cities: Replanning and Rethinking Mobility strategies

Smart Cities: “ Replanning and Rethinking Mobility strategies

These pandemic days are posing challenges to Smart Cities too. Traffic levels and mobility patterns can alter, as digital transformation takes hold. What are the challenges? We have here the views of Raj Cherubal, CEO, Chennai Smart City and Sameer Bhatnagar, Partner- Transport& Logistics, KPMG, India Contrary to what may be expected in the era of social distancing, it is ...

Coppernicus e-bikes
Smooth rides on Rough terrains

Coppernicus, an Indian motor vehicle brand which designs and manufactures electric vehicles, has launched its first premium segment e-bike, the Coppernicus T3. Built tough and backed by some of the biggest and most respected names in the industry, there is no compromise on quality or ride experience. Coppernicus is launching 3 models with a range of 30 to 100 Kms ...