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Saturday , 20 July 2024

Ingenious Car Parking Technology


RD Mundhra

Simpark Infrastructure Pvt Ltd is a Special purpose vehicle of Simplex Projects Ltd. to bring about revolutionary changes in Parking management. Head quartered in Kolkata, the company has over 2000 car space installations across India.  RD Mundhra, Director, speaks about the advantagesof different parking systems being provided by the company.

SimPark provides various car parking technologies but which technology has been found most useful to Indian Urban conditions?

SimPark positions itself as an Ingenious Solution provider of car parking systems. It provides its customers multiple choices in car parking system solutions. We try and fit one of the many solutions to the project layout. Sometimes coming up with ingenious design solutions in the process. Some of our systems are: Dolly-Shuttle Type, Parkomat-Type, Multi Layered Universal Circulation Type, Stack-Car Parking, Puzzle Parking, Tower Parking, Rotary Parking, Travelling Trolley Type and Horizontal Puzzle (Chess) Type.

Every car parking system has its unique features depending on shape, size and location of plot, traffic movement around the site, traffic management inside the car park, ECS (Equivalent Car Space) requirement & peak hour demand, quick retrieval & minimum queuing, safety & fast evacuation, minimum maintenance & availability of spares, high redundancy & quick servicing, and energy efficiency.

In Rawdon Street Kolkata, where the client is Kolkata Municipal Corporation and which is also the first fully automated / robotic car parking system in India, the Parkomat system is successfully running for the past 16 years with an average parking of 200+ cars on a daily basis.

For Kolkata Municipal Corporation, we have used two types of technologies: Pallet Shifting Car parking system also known as Chess Parking and DollyShuttle type car parking system within single basement for 280 nos. of cars. In New Delhi, we have installed fully automated car parking system for 330 cars in the Green Building Project at Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, which is certified with a “Five Star” rating under GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) by the Government of India. However, in urban area housing societies, we had used Puzzle parking system& Stack parking system.

What are the technological advantages of SimPark systems?


Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Parking management system consists of parking management software, access control system, revenue management, security system and statistical information. In short, a vehicle can be parked or retrieved inside a parking building through a token or a smart card or through smart phones and it does not involve any human interference.Moreover, it prevents any unauthorized person to enter the parking system. The software also generates hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports of the vehicles, with complete details of vehicle, parked inside the building.

The parking guidance system helps people find parking spots quickly through display boards indicating the number of empty slots, both for SUV and Sedan cars present inside the parking building. SimPark had installed parking management systems in cities like Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata and till date They are running very successfully.

SimPark is the first company in India to initiate the concept of green parking which helps earn carbon credit. In this type of car parking system, parking or retrieving is done automatically by means of robotic car parker / robotic equipment without any human interference thereby preventing the entry of any greenhouse gases inside the parking slot.

The structures and parking equipment are pre-fabricated; hence the process is cost-efficient and time required for installation is very less compared to civil construction. Moreover, the structures of the parking system are eco-friendly and anti-seismic, thus making it earthquake-resistant. Presently, we are installing first Automated Multilevel Car parking system for 288 cars in Srinagar, which comes under Seismic Zone-5. The temperature in winter here drops below -10˚C. Considering the above facts, the entire parking system is being installed inside a pre-engineered building which restricts snowfall from entering the parking system during winter season. The driveways between the consecutive parking systems are located inside the building giving easy access to the car during snowfall.

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