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Thursday , 13 June 2024

16 cars in space of 2


A.S. Mohan Kumar

On a normal working day, 40% of road space in any average sized Indian city is used for parking rather than movement of traffic. More and more Indian cities are seeing parking a crisis. Converting this problem into business opportunity are A. S. Mohan Kumar, the young engineering graduate from London and Shravanthi Kumar who got into a joint venture in  2012 with Korean Company Dongyang PC to provide international parking systems in India.

The Coimbatore based Park Layer Pvt Ltd manufactures the most advanced multilevel rotary parking system which can expand parking capacity up to eight times more on extreme space constraint. The company focus is also to overcome the problems faced in the existing systems in the country.

Under the brand name of P+ SMART PARKING, Park Layer started manufacturing and marketing products in India. “Vertical Rotary Parking of Park Layer can help you park 16 cars in 16 x 21 feet”, said Mangaing Director Mohan Kumar. “With a life of 15 years, the machine is maintenance free, economical and requires very less ground space and multiple units can be installed according to the client needs.”

Parking_internationalThe life and durability of the machine would be really high as it uses the chain and levering mechanism and very minimal electric parts. The machine is made up of 26 tonnes of metal which ensures stability.

The entire machine of 16 cars uses just one geared motor to rotate the cars within the optimal minimum space. So the electricity consumption is considerably less.

As each 16 car unit acts individually, there are more points of entry-exit, and easy accessibility; therefore faster parking and retrieval of cars.

The system is completely stand alone and no cladding is required. Very user friendly and smart with touch screen control, smart card system, mechanical way of retrieval and no operators. The systems is safe for both residential and commercial purposes. The low decibel level of 60-75 is also an advantage.

In addition to the machines, Park Layer also offers the facilkity of façade which give parking space aesthetic and safe exterior.

“Another value added feature is the turn table that can turn a car 360 degrees’, said Shravanthi, the Marketing Head. “We have over 1400 installations across the globe. With the manufacturing facilty in India, we do a good volume of exports too through Dongyang.”

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