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Tuesday , 28 March 2023

Editors Page December 18-January 2019

Mangala Chandran

One factor that contributed to the success of Smart Mobility 2018, was the right mix of business activities and the Conference that had very relevant and issue based content. Responding to the positive feedback and the request for sharing the session content, TrafficInfraTech magazine is bringing to its readers most of the discussions happened during the three-day event.

While the discussions on Tolling and Parking generated very powerful viewpoints, the one on the Challenges in the Mobility of Women was a real winner. While the part of the discussion touched upon the infrastructure and policy needs for safe and userfriendly public transport for women in all segments, the second part focused on the innovative approach to women safety on the roads, bus stations, railway stations etc. We will bring the second part of the discussion in the next issue. The lack of effectiveness of ‘quick fix solutions like panic buttons, CCTV cameras or apps if used in isolation is a concern. If technology is an enabler, social behaviour is much more important. We look forward to inputs from the readers based on actual experiences and observation.

In India, we are currently working on the standardisation of ITS and other verticals in Traffic Management. In the focus article, Aurindam Bhattacharya writes about how IoT has become an integral part of every vehicle making it an integral part of ITS framework finally.

Our coming issues will focus more on emerging technology in Traffic and Transport.

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