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Tuesday , 16 July 2024

Videonetics launches video-based technology

Videonetics launched its AI & Deep Learning based ‘Detection of Use of Cellphone While Driving’, an ultra-smart video-based technology that aims to detect in real-time those drivers using cellphones while driving four-wheeler, consequently violating traffic laws and putting their lives to risk.

Powered by patented AI & Deep Learning framework, ‘Detection of Use of Cellphone While Driving’ technology is trained with real-time video data of over five years, thereby ensuring highest level of precision in identifying the most dangerous driving risks even in tough environmental conditions including night.

The cutting-edge solution is wellcompetent to analyze gesture movement of the driver who is driving any type of fourwheelers including private car, taxi, jeep, lorry truck so on. After capturing the license plate of the violating vehicle with ANPR, the system generate alert with the evidence video. Additionally, events will be stored for later analysis. Detection of use of mobiles while driving can seamlessly integrate with Integrated e-Challan Management Software to generate challans/e-tickets with details such as violation image, time stamp, date and vehicle number etc. The enormous potential of the solution empowers Videonetics Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) suite to enhance real-time traffic monitoring, identify & process traffic offences, eventually it further modernizing the traffic management solution and establishing traffic regulation and enforcement across the city.

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