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Wednesday , 12 June 2024

AI: Transforming the Transportation Ecosystem

Road safety is a pressing issue in India. However, emerging technology can lend a helping hand. Specifically, advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have contributed to positive results in many areas and can help improve road safety

AI is any behaviour that is apparently intelligent carried out by machines rather than the kinds of natural intelligence. Forms of problem solving and even ‘learning’ in a sense are often considered artificial intelligence. Examples of successful AI include machines that can understand human speech, drive cars etc.

AI: Transforming the Transportation EcosystemAI: Optimizing Infrastructure for Cities

The concept of artificial intelligence goes all the way back to the 1950s, it refers to a system that can understand complex interrelationships and derive actions from them. In the future, machines will be capable of autonomously learning from experience and acting on this basis. The fields of application are numerous — artificial intelligence is making autonomous driving a reality just as much as it’s making intelligent home assistants a reality.

The significant progress it has made over the past few years is primarily down to the fact that processing power and storage are a hundred times more affordable than they were even at the turn of the new millennium, and that the digital transformation has made considerably more data available, which is a requirement for deep learning.

Christoph PeyloChristoph Peylo, Head of the Bosch Center of Artificial Intelligence, Robert Bosch GmbH, clarified, “ In the future, we will be surrounded by intelligent objects capable of making decisions for us. That is already a reality today, to a certain extent. Bosch’s plant in Homburg is an example: here, we use artificial intelligence to scrutinize the effectiveness of our quality control. Artificial intelligence evaluates process and test data to establish which physical checks are actually informative. That will enable products to be manufactured more quickly while maintaining the same quality.

AI will make our lives easier in many areas whether finding parking spaces more easily, having the room temperature automatically adjusted to our needs, or protecting our homes from break-ins.”

Artificial Intelligence is a technology, which transforms the data into userfriendly process. Transportation is majorly involved in managing people and where people are in transit mode. It can help to keep track of unidentified objects & incidents and help the transportation sector to optimize resources like manpower, fuel, time, etc.

Ashish P DhakanAshish P Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt Ltd explains, “AI is here to play a big role in the transportation industry. It is already having an impact on the way transport industry functions. The transportation domain is beginning to apply AI in mission-critical tasks (for example, selfdriving vehicles carrying passengers) where the reliability and safety of an AI system will be under question from the general public. Major challenges in the transportation industry like capacity problems, security, safety, reliability, environmental pollution, and wasted energy are providing ample opportunity (and potential for high ROI) for AI innovation.

“India’s traffic problems and behavioural challenges related to traffic rules are very different from the developed countries. The dense population and multiple disciplinary issues pose a serious concern to smooth functioning of intelligent traffic systems.

The future of smart transportation belongs to AI based video surveillance camera system and multiple AI-based applications

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