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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Automatic Digital Barrier

Chordia Automation introduces Agilik, a new automatic barrier designed and fully manufactured in the Italian factories of Roger Technology. This unique barrier is suitable for all professional installations in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. The Agilik represents the first automatic barrier with digital processing due to its brushless motor 36V with permanent magnetic field. The position of the beam is continually monitored in all positions with its absolute encoder. The revolutionary three-phase brushless motor allows unlimited use of the barrier and has ultra-low power consumption. The efficient motor guarantees very intensive use due to the gears with helicoidal and angled teeth.

The brushless control panel represents the new generation of electronic boards, designed to manage all types of safety whilst monitoring the movement of the barrier. Without a traditional relay and due to the revolutionary Mosfet System, the new sinusoidal brushless controller 36V DC with field-orientated sensory control will detect obstacles instantly. It allows for instant inversion, manage the speed control, slowdown and impact force whilst analysing the consumption, RPM and the absorption of the motor during its operation. The advanced absolute encoder installed in the slow shaft of the motor allows for the return to normal functions of the barrier without repeating the re-learning process in the case of power failure or manual release.

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