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Monday , 2 October 2023

“With NIP in place, we expect speedy project awarding”

ABL will be selective in bidding as we did in past and will focus on the viable projects without compromising on the bottom line

Machine – As a company, we deploy the best of our equipment for quick project execution. And that’s why we have been able to achieve milestones over the past so many years.

Material – We already have an annual contract with the suppliers for the required materials. Since we have a strict quality specification policy, we don’t entertain fly-bynight companies. We always track our dispatch schedule and do surprise quality check in the presence of authorities.

Methodology – As per QAP plan, all the design, methodologies and execution plans are discussed during initial meetings which then we communicate with all the respective team members.

Management: Unlike the construction of a building structure, the highway spans into multiple districts and sometimes across multiple states. The project management team is required to coordinate with multiple government agencies, local population etc. The effectiveness of our systems can be judged by the fact that most of our projects have been completed ahead of schedule.

In India, road safety is mere a patchwork approach. So, as a concessionaire, how are you trying to change the perception?

Ashoka doesn’t share the same opinion that road safety is a mere patchwork approach. We have designed a 3E concepts (Engineering, Enforcement and Education) to reduce the road accidents.

As an infrastructure developer, we are always looking at a proactive approach towards unsafe conditions of the road, such as sight distance and sharp curves.

Road Engineering:

• Use the best engineering design and method (considering of gradient and geometric standards)
• Avoiding of monotonous (straight alignment)
• Avoid the sharp curves and sharp turns
• Minimum sight distance
• Eye refreshers such as Landscaping, sculptures, foundations, & eye-catching lighting. The driver can get some relief to his eye stress
• Night Visibility for the road user
• Road Furniture, Lighting and its effective long-term life

In road engineering, we conduct Road Safety Audits (RSA)

1) Specific aims of RSA are:
• Minimize the risk and severity of accidents
• Remove the unsafe Conditions and Construct the accident-free roads
• Meet the needs of safe use by all users
• Reduce long term cost of the road scheme
• Implementation of safe design practices

2) RSA applies to all six stages of development:
• Feasibility study
• Preliminary design
• Detailed design
• During construction
• Constructed (Pre-opening)
• Existing roads (monitoring)

Enforcement: We are working with the authority and traffic police to avoid road incidence. We have distributed the speed guns and breathe analyzer to support the enforcing authority.

Education: Ashoka has a policy to educate the citizens on road safety. Till today, we have educated around 5.6+ lakh consists of commuters, school kids and college students on road safety.

What is your sustainable growth strategy for 2020 and how are you going to achieve it? Tell us about your order book position to date?

We have a total order book of Rs 9,700Cr as on September 2019 and we are expecting another Rs 1,000Cr orders from a HAM project. In terms of growth, we have already achieved 18% growth in the first half of FY20. Meanwhile, based on the existing order, and having received LOAs for HAM projects, orders from UP and AP, and execution of TOT projects we are expecting at least a 20% growth in 2020. Our order book is also well balanced with 80% in the road sector, 10% in power/railway verticals and balance on other verticals like Smart Infra and CGD.

Rahul Kamat

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