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Tuesday , 3 October 2023

“With NIP in place, we expect speedy project awarding”

One such project is the construction of Roopnarayan- Bridge No.1, part of the six-lane of Dhankuni–Kharagpur section on NH 6. The project faced several challenges. And for over 10 years, no company came forward to build it. However, ABL rose to the challenge and built this bridge with an unconventional method by launching a 323 meters long, 1,700-tonne heavy steel girder assembly from one end to the river, and finally lowering it into position. We also constructed Roopnarayan- Bridge No. 2 under sixlane of Dhankuni–Kharagpur section over Roopnarayan River on NH 6. This bridge was built using the segmental launching, a method that is usually used for constructing flyovers and not river bridges. ABL completed these two bridges in an impressive period of just 12 months against the allotted time of 30 months.

Recently, we constructed a Railway over Bridge (ROB) at the Eastern Peripheral Expressway (Package IV) in just 100 working days, as against two years. The EPE was inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister of India.

How ABL has imbibed AI and IoT in road construction?

Any industry requires skilled resources to deliver the projects as desired with experience in delivering the technologies. Ashoka has proudly launched the “Smart Highways” vertical where we are in the process of capacity building with a focus on the AI and IoT.

Currently, we are using LiDAR technologies, GIS technologies and drones for creating a working model. In the coming days, we are planning to combine acquired data points with AI and enhance it for our benefits which are:

a. Effective road topography & design for the road construction
b. AI-based 3D model for structures like bridges
c. Smooth driving experience and journey
d. Improving driver’s behaviour
e. Safe roads
f. Smart highways
g. AI-based video analytics and others in monitoring

As an infra player what are the execution methodologies you implement so that the quality of the road is not compromised?

As a 35-year-old infrastructure developer, our project execution method is based on 5M principles— man, machine, material, methodology and management. Let me explain these 5M principles in detail.

Man – Our project execution team has two-tier systems which monitor the asking rate, current rate and actual progress made when it comes deployment of manpower. We have a separate team that provides required support to the project execution team which consists of store, plant & machinery, HR & admin etc.

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