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Monday , 22 July 2024

Vehant Technologies VehiScan ANPR System

The Lucknow Police along with the UP government officials have approved an elaborate plan for beefing up security around the city. The scope of project encompasses smart city surveillance through ANPR, fixed and PTZ cameras, centralized video management system and video analytics. The plan included automated recording of the all incoming and outgoing vehicles in the city channeled via all entry and exit points.

VehiScan-ANPR-SystemVehant’s VehiScan® Automatic License Plate Recognition System was approved after extensive trials and validation by the security committee. VehiScan is based on proprietary intelligent OCR based algorithm capable of capturing the license plates of all the vehicles moving even at high speed, and thus provides high through-put even during peak traffic. It also highlights the hot-listed or stolen or any customized category vehicle and raise an alarm locally as well in central control room. The most significant feature of this product is its efficiency of recognition of the license plates even when there is low visibility. It works in 24×7 environment providing high detection and recognition accuracy. It is also able to perform well in cluttered city scenarios with a mix of four and two wheelers.

VehiScan till date has been deployed in 18 locations with 40 cameras at major entry and exits of the city in Phase I. This system tracks each vehicle entering and exiting the city by automatically reading the license plates of each vehicle through proprietary algorithms and generate alerts for stolen/suspected/hot-listed/wanted vehicles in real time.

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