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Sunday , 3 March 2024

UN to showcase Ahmedabad BRTS as lighthouse project

The United Nations will showcase the BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport System) in Ahmedabad as a lighthouse project. It will be a part of the United Nations Secretary General?s Momentum for Change Initiative at the climate change talks to be held in December at Doha, Qatar. The BRTS is being cited as an example of a project which has improved lives of people while at the same time addressing the problem of carbon emissions and climate change. The air pollution in Ahmedabad has decreased considerably from the levels about ten years ago when the pollution led to decreased visibility while driving and made drivers? eyes water while waiting at traffic signals. In 2003 the city began shifting to CNG which improved the situation considerably. Further, the problem of traffic congestion on the city roads led the government and city planners to implement the BRTS system. From a beginning of 12.5 km in 2009 the BRTS coverage has expanded to 51km today. About 22% of the city?s commuters have been estimated to have switched over to the BRTS from two-wheelers. During the first three months the BRTS was run free. Feedback from commuters were collected and incorporated in improving services. At ? 3 per 2km the Ahmedabad BRTS fare of is one of the lowest in the country.

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