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Tuesday , 14 May 2024

The Success Reaffirms Expo’s Top Position

It has been a great experience and a special feeling to have my work appreciated in a huge platform like TrafficInfraTech Expo. The delighted cop said, “Officials from Maharashtra and Chandigarh traffic police department, who had visited the Expo, also wanted me to train their cops. In fact, a German lady official attending the Expo, said she will speak to German government and call me next year to Germany. I am honoured to attend this exhibition!”

Ranjeet  Singh
Traffic Police (Indore) Dancing Cop

The world is rapidly changing and exhibitions like TrafficInfraTech put us face to face with what are the latest trends and the new technologies. We were able to interact first-hand with the original equipment manufacturers, understand processes and drawbacks. We were highly impressed with the equipment on display, especially when it came to enforcement, road safety & engineering, and overall traffic management . We got to see products on smart traffic and transport management. We will be getting back to these exhibitors, as we are in the process of modernising our force, effective with minimum manpower and make people compliant to road safety norms. The solutions to regulate the traffic, stop offences and all is present in this exhibition. Congrats to the team for putting up such a good show.

Nikhil Desai
Managing Director
Department of Transport, Goa

Being in the transportation business, it is not only about preparing a bus or transporting commuters; it requires a lot of maintenance as well. We are looking at cost cutting measures, and here we have seen a lot of products and solutions. Like ticketless transaction or putting boomers which do not require manpower, but just machines.

The seminar sessions were innovative and informative. We have learned that certain things we were doing in a wrong way. When we go back, we will discuss about where we have to take corrective measures, and which are the suppliers from whom we can take inputs. We will connect with them in future too. This expo has served as a perfect platform where there was everything, we needed to know under one roof.

Derrick Pereira Neto
Managing Director
Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd

We had planned for one ITS project in the state of Goa, and we came to explore the latest technologies in ITS ; we found there were many companies under one roof and we have invited a few companies to Goa to present their solutions. We are precisely looking for Traffic Management and Automated Signalling solutions for the ITS project. There are certain set of components like e-challaning, automated licensing without human interference, emergency calling and few others which we intend to integrate, implement and design the project for our state. We also saw good vehicle weighing system and parking-related solutions. The conference sessions were quite educative and informative.

Amar Vazirani
Engineering Officer, Goa PWD

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