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Thursday , 18 April 2024

TechFusion Mobility Showcase


Almost all exhibitors said they will be returning in 2024. According to Malvika Pathak, Vice President R&D, Samriddhi Automations Pvt. Ltd (Sparsh CCTV), the expo saw a very good footfall with good visitors from the government and corporate sectors. “This is the platform for the industry, a very good show and we would like to participate in the future shows as well. “

Ravikiran Ghaisas, Director, LogicMo Systems Pvt Ltd, stated, “Our experience with Trafficinfratech show has always been great and this year we had a lot of OEMs approaching us with a view of using their systems in our system integration projects. Participating in Trafficinfratech show is like a tradition for us and we will participate every year.”

Manju Paul, Commissioner (Planning), Delhi Development Authority, looked at the expo from the perspective of town planning. “The prime objective of a master plan in a city is to integrate the traffic and transportation system, or so as to speak, the synergy between urban planning and transportation planning. This particular exhibition gives an insight into what all tools are available and inbuilt in our projects to come in the future so that we have an overall comprehensive solution, be it traffic congestion or the mobility plan for a city in a comprehensive way.

“I had a fantastic opportunity of visiting a few stalls in which they have proposed vehicle count, which is an important component of how we can design the road cross sections catering to that data. The USP of the new technologies is that it has minimum human intervention. This can stand the scrutiny of even the legal side of courts which at times also gets challenged. In the days to come, with more and more such technologies coming, it is only strengthening the hands of the planners.”

Sudhanshu Kumar, I.P.S. ADGP Traffic, Bihar, Bihar State Police agreed that the Expo is the platform for three segments- experts, OEMs/manufacturers and the end-users.

For the enforcement authorities, the take away has been understanding the latest technologies in road safety and the deployment back home.

For Academia, it is important to know what is happening in the market in terms of technology, solutions and where there are possible gaps where research can contribute as well as finding key partners from the industry. “I feel this is the best venue and opportunity that I see in India compared to any other conference or expo. This brings a lot of value for me in terms of reaching out to startups, SMEs, big corporates that are in the mobility space,” said Prof.Ashish Verma, Professor, Transportation Systems Engg; Dept. of Civil Engg., Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

For visitors from distant places, like Sona Chauhan, Assistant Regional Transport Officer from the Dept. of Transport, Himachal Pradesh, the expo has been a wonderful experience. “We come from a state facing challenges because of geographic conditions, we have a different terrain as compared to other states. Many products on display here will be quite useful for us especially road infrastructure products, crash barriers, surveillance equipment etc. We will take the learnings from here and put it forth to our department. Our state is heading towards Intelligent Traffic Management Systems and we are also introducing ANPR”.

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