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Friday , 12 July 2024

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Sheetal Wireless technologies Pvt Ltd

Sheetal Wireless

SWTPL, an ISO 9001:2008 company, is dedicatedly in the field of Wireless Communication since 1995. It provides Wireless Solutions for Voice, Data and Remote control of factory cranes. The solutions for wireless communication systems include Analogue/digital Data Radios, Wi-Fi Radios, GSM Modems for SMS based communication and GPRS based data transfer, VSAT system, Radio Remote Controls and Wireless Gateways. SWTPL ...

ARS T&TT: Intelligent Mobility Systems

Traffic Management: The System integrates multiple technologies to ensure smooth flow of traffic. The Traffic Management System, with the help of a Centralized Control Centre and complementary technologies, continuously monitors roads/highways with an objective to support authorities to take actions that can enhance traffic flows, ensure road safety and improves economic productivity. The Data Warehousing and Analysis Services ensure that ...

Round Table on Smart Traffic Solutions

Steria India is organising a round table discussion on February 14th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Mumbai on smart solutions for safe, sustainable and intelligent traffic management. The roundtable will focus on ideas and approaches to tackle issues of interest to both fleet operators and highway concessionaires using IT-based fleet-management and highway traffic management systems. The discussions by the expert ...

Technology for Mobile Traffic Enforcement

Anywhere Enforcement, which means enforcement at random locations, is a practice that is catching up in India. It uses the deployment of a latest technology package – the Interceptor. The Interceptor is a purpose-configured integrated system that comprises an appropriate vehicle platform, enforcement equipment, accessories, comforts and conveniences for enhancing the practice of Anywhere Enforcement.